5 tips to help men perform better in the bedroom

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It’s a question all guys think about at some point in their lives: “How can I be better in bed?”

With so much information online – some good, some bad – it can be hard navigating what’s truthful and what’s not. The last thing you’d want to end up doing is putting Orajel on your penis to improve your stamina (yes, some forums and blogs recommend this downright harmful process).

Here’s the straight talk that will help you perform better in bed in no time.

1. Try A Performance Enhancer That Is Proven Safe

It’s no secret that, on average, women take about three times longer than men to reach climax. This is a completely normal biological process but also explains why as many as 66% of women don’t climax during intercourse.

A performance enhancer like Promescent Delay Spray that desensitizes the penis could be a solution for you. It works by using a special form of lidocaine that absorbs into the top layers of your skin in as little as five minutes.

Once applied, the formula blocks those ‘oh so sensitive’ nerve signals that can sometimes be too quick to tell your brain to ejaculate.

By using Promescent Delay Spray you can take the edge off and increase your confidence levels in the bedroom with a new or long-term partner. You’ll notice more control over “speeding up” and can “slow down” at ease, while still retaining next-to-normal sensitivity levels on areas where the formula is not applied.

And it’s not just a gimmick. Over 2,000 medical professionals in the USA recommend the treatment as a first line of defense for men with premature ejaculation. Of course, you don’t need to have PE to use it.

Grab a bottle for yourself, online without a prescription, to see if it’s the key for longer-lasting, more fulfilling intimacy.

2. Don’t Forget About Foreplay

Whether it’s a sensual massage, oral, or manual stimulation with your fingers or a toy, foreplay is one of the best ways to deliver more pleasure to your partner, So, don’t skip it.

Foreplay can be something we tend to forget at times but in order to be a better lover in bed it’s a vital part of intercourse. It gives women time to ‘warm up’ and get in the mood. It also gives them better odds at reaching climax more frequently.

Search “foreplay tips for men” online and see what you can try on your next romantic encounter.

3. Get Her an Arousal Gel

For men, reaching climax is a relatively simple process. For women, this requires a bit more care, focus, and time. Make your goal to put her satisfaction first. That’s why you’re reading this article after all, isn’t it?

There are many pleasure products for women that are easy to use during intimacy and can help to improve her sensitivity and sensation. One we highly recommend is Promescent’s Warming Female Arousal Gel.

Once applied it helps increase her touch sensitivity and also delivers new and unique feelings that help her reach climax faster.

To help spice things up in bed and bring out the best of her experience, this gel is definitely a must-have in any nightstand.

4. Bring Lube into Your Routine

This one is simple, yet deserves a mention: start using lubricant!

A good quality lube can help bring more comfort and slide into the equation and reduce potential pain. It feels great for both partners and can be used with condoms. No matter your age (or theirs) grab a bottle of lube for your escapades in bed.

5. Clean Up Before

Let’s face it – a long day’s work can be good for the body, but when it comes to odor (especially down there) it’s simply not.

Interesting smells that accumulate throughout the day are not sexy and we believe nearly 100% of women would agree.

Whether it’s a full-blow shower or a quick wipe down with one of Promescent’s Before and After wet wipes we know she’ll thank you for the effort. You might even see a new side of adventure come out knowing that you’re fresh and clean where it matters most.


Take these tips to the bedroom the next time you get busy with your partner and see what they think. You may be surprised by their reaction from your new performance skills in bed.

After all, intimacy is a two-way street. It’s all about open communication, experimentation, and making sure your partner is fulfilled.

Be sure to check out Promescent’s full line of sexual health products for him and her to take your intimacy to new heights.

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