The Best of Boston

The Best of Boston

Boston offers more history per square mile than any city in America.

Add to that copious amounts of charm, two-hundred-year-old pubs, some of the country’s greatest sports franchises, and a revolutionary attitude that prevails to this day, and you’ve got one hell of a destination city for travelers. Here’s a shortlist of where to shop, eat, and stay in Massachusetts’ most iconic city.


site of the boston massacre

Nature lovers will appreciate a visit to Stellwagen Marine Sanctuary — the East Coast’s premier spot for whale-watching. History buffs have their pick of the well-known Freedom Trail or hundreds of other options including the site of the official Boston Tax Riot, the Boston Athenæum, and the site of the Boston Massacre.


bodega boston

There’s no shortage of must-see experiences in Boston. Fashion-forward travelers won’t want to miss Bodega. This unique, trend-setting shoe store is hidden behind a fake Snapple machine inside an otherwise innocuous corner store. Even if you’re not into footwear, it’s worth a visit just for the (bizarre) experience.

Another shopping destination that you cannot miss is Bobby from Boston in Boston’s South End. If you consider yourself an old school kind of guy, this is your happy place.


Bobby from Boston is one of the best vintage stores that you will ever come across. You can find some really cool pieces dating all the way back to the Victorian era up until the 1960s. Bobby’s is even known as a go-to for finding period clothing and gear for movies and television. Whether you’re looking for a cool denim jacket, a nice leather bag for work, or a unique pin or patch to add to your collection, Bobby’s has got it all.


New England is home to some of the country’s oldest, most historically significant watering holes. Start at Warren Tavern in Charlestown — a true tavern that dates back to 1780 and has hosted the likes of George Washington and Paul Revere. Just over the bridge in downtown Boston, the Green Dragon Tavern dates back to the mid-seventeenth century and is arguably the home of the American Revolution. Historian Daniel Webster noted: “[I]t was in the Green Dragon that the plans for the invasion of Lexington and Concorde were overheard thus starting the famous ride of Paul Revere.”

Warren Tavern

Boston’s North End is among the city’s oldest neighborhoods, as well as one of its best destinations to grab a bite. In just 0.4 square miles “Little Italy”, as it’s known, packs in 120 restaurants including some of the best pizza and Italian food on the East Coast. Check out Regina Pizzeria — the city’s most famous pizza joint with an almost obsessively loyal fan base. For a modern take on Boston’s unique pizza style, Todd English’s Figs offers a dozen varieties including the Isabelle: country ham, aged provolone cheese, fresh asparagus, and sweet onion.

If you’re craving Mexican fare chased with good tequila, Lolita Cocina and Tequila Bar ought to satisfy your needs. It’s a lively, intimate place with a fun atmosphere and menu. Before even thinking about food, as difficult as that may be at Lolita’s, you have got to order one of their signature margaritas. You can’t find a place in Boston that is serving better margeritas than those found at Lolita’s.


Next on the agenda is Lolita’s legendary grilled street corn. If you only eat one thing at Lolita’s, which we highly doubt you will, it has to be the street corn. It’s grilled and served with a jalapeno mayo, cotija cheese, and a little bit of chile-lime powder sprinkled on top. Just when you thought your Lolita experience couldn’t be any better, your server drops off desert in the form of a mound of cotton candy like you would get at the state fair. It’s fluffy, nostalgic, and melt in your mouth sugary goodness that makes Lolita’s a delicious destination you can’t miss while in Boston.

Ruta Laukien wanted to create an environment suitable for everyone that couples art with social dining. Laukien launched Liquid Art House in Boston as a destination where restaurant, lounge, showroom, and gallery are all integrated under one roof.


The large canvas behind the central, beautiful bar is the focal point of the experience. It’s designed to reflect the chefs, artists, designers, and nightly guests. It’s a lovely, intimate space perfect for a dinner date or night-capper with friends. L.A.H is a truly unique place where you can enjoy delectable, craft cocktails, feast on a refined menu, and appreciate the beautiful art that adorns the walls of the venue all at once.


The Liberty Hotel may be the city’s most iconic accommodations. The one time Charles Street Jail was converted into a boutique five-star hotel in 2007.

The Liberty Hotel

It’s best known for its stunning, four-story lobby atrium that doubles as a swanky, contemporary bar and lounge that’s as popular with locals as with travelers. In addition to nearly 300 guestrooms, the hotel also offers five luxury bars and restaurants.

Photo credit: Stefano Montagner/Flickr