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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

Asked by Ian Bell

I never seem to throw away my old jeans, but I keep collecting new ones. I must have at least 6 pair of jeans alone. Should I throw out the old jeans?

  • TheCorySmith TheCorySmith

    January 23, 2013 – 8:38 pm

    I retain my favorites as well… and try to have the right denim for each occasion.

    • Ian Bell

      January 31, 2013 – 4:40 pm

      Same here. Darker jeans for a dressier occasion for example.

  • esalasjr

    January 24, 2013 – 3:28 pm

    I own about 5 pairs but find myself only wearing 2 out of the 5 all time because I really like the wash and the color of the jeans and the way they look on me. They both look the same but to me they are different. The other ones are different but I feel more comfortable with the two pairs I normally wear.

  • Cator Sparks Cator Sparks

    January 31, 2013 – 4:54 pm

    The only jeans you need to throw out are ones that are dated – ie stone washed, mom jeans, pleated (God forbid).
    Even if they are old flares have them taken in to be a simple straight leg. But please don’t add patches. And if you have a blown out crotch then remember the good times but send those to denim heaven.

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