Hopping on the Omni-bus with the band Omni

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If you took late 70s/early 80s post-punk and filtered it through the lo-fi sound of the last few years, you would likely find yourself with a record similar to the band Omni’s debut, Deluxe. Formed by former members of Carnivores and Deerhunter, the band released its catchy and compelling debut full-length on July 8th through Trouble in Mind.


The record jerks about with twitchy, angular melodies but whenever a song feels like it might be about to fly off the rails, a straight forward chorus arrives to set everything straight just long enough to keep the song moving forward.


With alumni of two well-respected bands forming the core of Omni, it is no surprise that the band’s debut album is as impressive and self-assured as it is.

Omni’s Deluxe is out now through Trouble In Mind and available on Amazon, iTunes, and Trouble in Mind’s online store.