New Music Monday

Experimental Pop Band Aquaserge Combines Dance Music Grooves with Free Jazz-influenced Improvisation on new album: ‘Laisse ça être’ (Crammed Discs)

Initially based in a farmhouse-recording studio in the countryside near Toulouse, France, experimental pop band Aquaserge operated for several years as a shifting collective, counting over 60 musicians in its orbit. Collaborators have included members of Tame Impala, Stereogum, and Acid Mothers…

Sallie Ford Confronts Depression on Her Confessional Album “Soul Sick”

Soul Sick returns to the some of the same influences heard on Ford’s albums with “The Sound Outside.”

Lula Pena Looks for Hidden Truth in “The Simplicity of Voice and Strings and a Resonant Body”

The reclusive Portuguese musician/poet sings lyrics and poetry by authors ranging from Manos Hadjidakis and Violeta Parra to Belgian surrealist Scutenaire.


Best Albums of 2016: Top 10 Records of the Year

Ranked alphabetically.

20 Years of Hard Work Comes to Fruition on Paul & The Tall Trees’ ‘Our Love in The Light’

Our Love in The Light takes inspiration from rootsy Americana and vintage soul.

Lady Wray Finds Her Voice on ‘Queen Alone’

Queen Alone is Wray’s first full-length as Lady Wray, but she has the better part of two decades of experience in a mercurial music industry behind her.

Shine a Light: Billy Bragg & Joe Henry on the Railway

Early this year legendary British musician Billy Bragg and American songwriter Joe Henry boarded an Amtrak train bound for Los Angeles.


Death By Unga Bunga’s Refreshing New EP, ‘Fight!’

A working combination of irreverence, silliness, and earnestness …