We’ve Got Wood For Rockit Logs Hand-Crafted Speakers

The sexiest (and best sounding) modern boom box you’ll ever own. Somewhere in Canada, Jay DeMerit’s young Rockit Logs operation is busy hunting for “standing dead” Cedar, Fir, and Hemlock trees, which will then be chopped down and MacGyvered into…

Charlie Cunningham Lines

After releasing three EPs over the course of the last three years, London’s Charlie Cunningham will release his debut full-length, Lines, this coming Friday (January 27, 2017)

Yamaha Claims its Latest Audiophile Headphones are its Most Accurate Ever

The company claims the MT8 are the most accurate pair of headphones it has ever released.


Best Albums of 2016: Top 10 Records of the Year

Ranked alphabetically.

Bring your home theater up to speed with Emotiva’s BasX MC-700 processor

Emotiva Audio Corporation wants to prove that high-end audio doesn’t mean absurdly high prices.

Best Records of 2016: Swet Shop Boys’ ‘Cashmere’

For all the brightness and energy in its music, Cashmere is a charged album.

The Shinola Runwell is a turntable designed by a watch company, and it looks awesome

A company that launched making watches wouldn’t be your first guess to manufacture a turntable, but that’s exactly what the Detroit-based Shinola has done with its Runwell turntable.


20 Years of Hard Work Comes to Fruition on Paul & The Tall Trees’ ‘Our Love in The Light’

Our Love in The Light takes inspiration from rootsy Americana and vintage soul.