Experimental Pop Band Aquaserge Combines Dance Music Grooves with Free Jazz-influenced Improvisation on new album: ‘Laisse ça être’ (Crammed Discs)

Initially based in a farmhouse-recording studio in the countryside near Toulouse, France, experimental pop band Aquaserge operated for several years as a shifting collective, counting over 60 musicians in its orbit. Collaborators have included members of Tame Impala, Stereogum, and Acid Mothers…

Denon’s latest sport in-ears aim to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions

Denon’s in-ears have always been worth keeping an eye on, and its latest set of sport in-ears demonstrate why. They promise strong Bluetooth signal and a tough build alongside the audio quality the company is known for.

Tropicalia Soul Band, Chicano Batman, Covers “This Land is Your Land” for Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking America Campaign

“The difficult part for some of us was what the song actually meant verses what we thought it meant.”


Oppo’s new Sonica DAC provides audiophile-quality sound for the connected home

Oppo’s new Sonica DAC combines a high quality digital-to-analog converter with a vast array of both wired and wireless connectivity options, including the ability to work with the company’s Sonica wireless multiroom speakers.

Charlie Cunningham Lines

After releasing three EPs over the course of the last three years, London’s Charlie Cunningham will release his debut full-length, Lines, this coming Friday (January 27, 2017)

Yamaha Claims its Latest Audiophile Headphones are its Most Accurate Ever

The company claims the MT8 are the most accurate pair of headphones it has ever released.

Explore the Sonic Cosmos with Night Moves on the ‘Carl Sagan’ EP

Carl Sagan, the title of Night Moves’ latest EP is appropriate given the band’s cosmic, ’70s-influenced, indie rock sound.


Play and Preserve Your Vinyl with Audio-Technica’s AT-LP5 Turntable

Audio-Technica simply couldn’t wait until 2017 to unveil its new AP-LP5 turntable, an audiophile-grade turntable which can digitally preserve your records in addition to playing them.