Explore Radio Stations Worldwide with Tivoli Audio’s Free Radio App


For a little more than a decade, Tivoli has become the go-to for beautifully designed high-quality audio products, the latest selections of which you can find on its website.

But for anyone who prefers radio at the tip of their fingers, the Tivoli Audio Radio app is a wide open window to music and news of the world. iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android users can tune in to 100 different stations, some based thousands of miles away.

“We wanted to design a really simple radio app that mirrors the simplicity of our products,” said Tom DeVesto, Tivoli Audio founder, designer, and CEO. “We were able to determine the most popular radio stations from Tivoli Audio listeners around the world, including favorites from the U.S.”

Tivoli Audio gathered information from its internal database and online community to find the stations people love.

In addition to the Tivoli Favorites category, which features such international stations as Arrow Jazz Netherlands and Radio 105 Switzerland, the app provides an eclectic selection of stations representing nine genres: rock, classical, country, pop, blues, jazz, world news, folk, and talk. Ten stations comprise each category.

As you peruse the app, you’ll encounter everything — from Deutcshlandradio Kultur, Metal Express Norway, and Live Ireland Channel 1 to Nashville FM, Absolute 90’s, and KOQX Blues Radio USA.

Stations that will be a bit more familiar include: BBC Radio, NPR Program Stream USA, and WNYC New York Public Radio.

Tivoli Radio is relatively unlimited in scope but not overwhelming. It’s wildly entertaining and there are options for everyone; you can stick to what you know or explore something completely new while commuting, checking e-mail, or even while relaxing before bed. (We can attest that some of the late night listening is very interesting.)

Check it out: it’s easy to navigate and, best of all, it’s free.