MorfBoard: The World’s First Action Sports-Inspired Fitness System

Shouldn’t your daily workout be something that you’re always looking forward to? Getting in shape should be fun rather than a chore. The end product is that we look great and we feel good about ourselves. So, why do we lack the drive to exercise? Maybe it’s because we get lazy and do the same boring routine every time. For example, think about dating and relationships. If you and your other half go to the same restaurant every Thursday, “Netflix and chill” every weekend, and do the same lame activities that all couples do, you’ll eventually get bored. The same can be said about your workout routine. Mixing it up is important, and that’s why personal trainer and world-record holding former pro halfpipe skater, Eitan Kramer, created the MorfBoard. It’s the world’s first action sports-inspired fitness system that makes working out fun. The MorfBoard takes a seriously good workout and turns it into play.

morfboard2MorfBoard’s sleek design is credited to Kramer’s creative director and partner, Eric Bergman. He drew inspiration from three action sports: skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. It’s a lightweight board that incorporates the three to add versatility and creativity to your workout. MorfBoard is the only product that allows you to switch from lifting with resistance bands to rolling on a skateboard, bouncing on a rebounder or rocking on a balance board in seconds. This ability to switch workouts at a rapid pace is attributed to the MorfBoard’s innovative Morf Modular System. Its design and adaptability allows you to easily “Morf” your workout quicker than you can breathe.

morfboard5Morfing your MorfBoard is done by changing the X-Tensions that are categorized by the type of workout you choose. The X-Tensions you can choose from are bounce, skate, balance, and reband. The Bounce X-Tension comes with the MorfBoard and makes routine planks and pushups more fun and challenging. The Skate, Balance, and Reband X-Tensions are all optional add-ons to your MorfBoard. Skate assists with your lunges, ab rollouts, and even hamstring curls. When you’re finished, you can hop on it and ride it home. The Balance X-tension will be the best balance board you ever step foot on. If you’re looking for resistance training and building your arms, chest, and back, try the Reband X-Tension. Each were designed to improve your physical fitness and make your workout four-dimensional.

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Don’t worry if your new to the fitness game. The MorfBoard is built for everyone. Whether you’re a regular Joe or a world record holding former pro halfpipe skater, like Kramer, the MorfBoard is for you. You can find their funding campaign on Kickstarter, and they need your help. They are offering savings across the board to their backers. Pledging $295 gets you the MorfBoard base, plus all of the X-Tensions, which is a kickass deal for a kickass workout. Those who pledge $125 get the MorfBoard base and Bounce X-Tension which is an awesome deal as well. You can always add an optional X-Tension as your workout routine progresses. Backers can expect their MorfBoard delivery in the summer of 2016. There are only 11 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so if you and your workout are going through a rough patch, it’s time to Morf it.

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