The Manual’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

Let’s be honest: Gift giving (and gift buying) is pretty stressful.

Chances are you have no idea what to get your brother who has everything, your dad who wants nothing, or the uncle you barely know. And that’s perfectly okay, because you have us–and we’re here to help.

We’ve compiled the top picks for our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide into one easily accessible place. Got a foodie in your family? A whiskey connoisseur? An outdoorsman? Sock lover? Traveler? We’ve got you covered.

Read on for some major gift-giving inspiration to get you galvanized for the season. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find something for yourself.

Be sure to check back weekly for new guides to help buy for all of your loved ones.

Bar and Barware Gift Guide

bar and barware gift guide featured

It’s one thing to have the best booze on the block, but if you don’t have the equipment to best utilize that booze, you’re going to be S.O.L. Sure, you can make the argument that all you need is the bottle and a glass (or just the bottle), but if you’ve got a significant other coming over, why not add a little extra zest to your drink game? From tools to books, we’ve got you covered with a selection of some of the best bar accessories we’ve found this year.

Trekking Gift Guide

trekking gift guide

The outdoor industry is currently bursting with fantastic apparel and equipment, spanning everything from breathable jackets and crushable hats to intuitive lighting systems and versatile axe heads, all of which are perfectly poised to become your go-to pieces on the dusted slopes or back country trails. And given the holidays often provide some much needed time off, there’s rarely a better time to bestow your friend or family member with something they’ll actually use. Doing so will make your next family gathering more enjoyable because, after all, a fruit cake and pair of striped socks only get you so far in today’s world of gadgets and gizmos.

Watch Gift Guide

watch gift guide

A proper timepiece has the uncanny ability to not only tie an entire outfit together but it exudes style, class, and elegance, all in one (sometimes) tiny package. From options boasting Italian leather bands to more obscure alternatives touting wood or marble accents, the available varieties are nearly endless. Sifting through the sea of options can leave one’s head spinning. To help relieve a bit of the stress related to holiday-time shopping, we’ve gone ahead and hand-picked a few of our favorite watch brands which are sure to delight anyone’s wrist this Christmas.

The Huckberry Gift Guide

huckberry holiday gift guide, santa in helicopter

This holiday season, gift-giving should be stress-free — right? That’s where Huckberry comes into play with a slew of holiday gift essentials for the stylish guy on your list. There’s no question that between the brand’s selection of tough outerwear, stylish watches, essential accessories, and beautiful home goods, you might just have found your one-stop shop. Along the way, you might want to pick up a gift or two for yourself, as well.

The Lady Adventurer Gift Guide

lady adventurer gift guide

Whether you’re shopping for a trail running bride or an alpine climbing mom, finding a good outdoors gift for the lady in your life can be hard – shopping for the woman gearhead can be harder still. We’ve done the legwork for you this year and had our wives and girlfriends put all of these pieces of gear through the wringer, so you can be sure you’re getting the best for your lady adventurer.

Bearded Guy’s Gift Guide

bearded guy gift guide

Whichever beardly beast has taken the shape of your father, brother, husband, boyfriend, or other loved one, he would likely appreciate a few good products to tame it. We’ve assembled a healthy list of gifts for bearded men, including beard oils, balms, brushes, shampoos, and other high-quality beard accessories to consider this holiday season.

Spirits Gift Guide

spirits gift guide

If whiskey isn’t your thing or the thing of the guy you’re buying for, never fear, you’re in the right place. Check out our non-whisk(e)y holiday spirit guide for everything you need that isn’t, well, whiskey. Like gin? We’ve got you. Rum? Don’t you worry. Vodka? Oh, we’re there for you, too.

Made in America Gift Guide

made in america gift guide

Buying American-Made gifts is one of the most patriotic things you can do as a citizen of the US. Products manufactured here in America often meet rigorous standards of excellence that are not often found in other manufacturing countries (we’re looking at you, China). So you can be sure what you buy here is built to last. To truly be an American Made product, the Federal Trade Commission states that “Made in USA means that ‘all or virtually all’ the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing, and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Products should not contain any – or should contain only negligible – foreign content.”

Food Lovers’ Gift Guide


We all have that one person in our life—or many, if you’re lucky—who loves to eat more than anything. These people appreciate just about everything you put in front of them, whether it’s a simple roasted chicken, super fancy tasting menu or a plate of $2 dumplings you can only find in the depths of Chinatown. We love these friends because they expose us to new cuisines and experiences, encouraging us to open our minds and our taste buds. So this holiday season, treat your favorite chowhound to one of these stellar gifts, and give him or her something new to chew for once with The Manual’s food lovers gift guide.

Whisk(e)y Lover’s Gift Guide


Whisk(e)y is one of the best gifts you can give friends, family, or yourself. For this holiday season, we’ve put together a selection of whiskies from across the world and across price ranges so that you can find something for anyone. No matter what kind of brown liquor you or the person you’re buying for likes, we’ve got a whisk(e)y for you.

Under $50 Travel Gift Guide


Forget the typical holiday gear guides that feature $400 travel espresso makers and Bluetooth-enabled luggage that sings to you. Here are eight legitimately useful travel gifts for the modern nomad in your life.

Craft Beer Indulgences Gift Guide


It’s easy to buy gifts for the craft beer lover. Their basic needs consist of bottle openers, glassware, growlers and the beer itself. If they are especially adventurous, home-brewing supplies can be thrown into the mix. Taken at face value, none of those craft beer gift guide categories are necessarily luxurious or expensive. Basic amber colored growlers can be had for six dollars at any shop that provides fills. Beer and brewing equipment presents a wider range in quality and cost, but the vast majority of enthusiasts can find satisfaction in the lower end of the financial spectrum. But if your budget is bigger this holiday, you can spend a little more (or a lot more) to indulge the craft beer drinker on your shopping list with these holiday-ready options.

Outdoors Gift Guide


No one is harder to shop for than the Outdoorsman you know. He’s got a couple pairs of skis, a full rack of climbing gear, and every GPS, heart rate monitor, and outdoor gadget known to man. We’ve been testing a huge stable of gear this year chasing the best ski towns, SUP training, and a 4,200 mile road trip across the Northwest. These are our favorites, and guaranteed to impress even the most discerning adventurer.

Ultimate Sock Gift Guide

sock gift guide, three of the best socks

We are big sock lovers in our office. And so we are pretty pumped that the ‘sockless’ look has faded into its smelly, blistered ‘why’ folder. Socks have come a long way from the tube socks we wore as kids and the weird panty hose thin ones our dads wore to the office. Now there is a plethora of brands out there, many made right here in the USA, which are providing men with a little ‘sock-it-to-me’ excitement in our daily dress.