Be Good to Your Groomsmen

Wedding season is in full swing. We all know that can be a lot of fun, but if you’re getting hitched,  you’ll want to bring your A-game when it comes to giving out gifts to your groomsmen.

That’s why we here at The Manual want to introduce you to Good Groomsmen, a brand new company that allows you to purchase and personalize men’s gifts for your buddies in your wedding party. All of the Good Groomsmen products are selectively curated and can easily be monogrammed for that special touch.

You can go literal, with the Wooden Cufflink Set and Walnut Box and make sure that your friends look good on the big day in front of your soon-to-be wife. Perhaps you want to go the classy route by picking the Time To End Your Week Watch, which features a sturdy, military grade Timex face strapped to a piece of rugged Sounder Goods leather. Or, you can go utilitarian by selecting the Choose Your Weapon Desk Set with Fountain Pen that prominently sheathes both a Kaweco plastic pen and an Opinel knife on walnut desk stand.

Part of Good Groomsmen’s mission is to stick to a classic aesthetic. All of their monogram leather comes from the Meyer family tannery in Hudson Valley, New York. The Meyers have been tanning leather since the 1550s and the family opened shop in America around 1850 in order to make leather for Steinway pianos—one of the names immediately associated with timelessness. Good Groomsmen makes items that are “personal and permanent”and what else would you want to give to the members of your wedding party than a gift with that kind of message?

Whether you’re picking out a special item for a special day, or just treating yourself to a high-class flask, Good Groomsmen should be on your radar.