Gift Guide: Outdoor Gadgets

Maybe you’re a procrastinator. You might just have some really hard people to shop for on your list. If you’ve got a serious outdoor addict in the family, then you know how hard it can be to find a gift for the guy who has every little piece of gear for a weekend in the woods or a month long excursion into the wilds. These time tested Outdoor Gadgets are our go to favorites for both personal use (who doesn’t deserve a little gift to themselves with all the holiday stress), and to brighten up the day of your favorite gear head.

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LifeStraw Go Bottle

Gone are the days when you can drink out of a mountain stream and not fear for a nasty Giardia infection, or worse. With LifeStraw’s latest filter though, you can safely fill up at any lake or stream. The Go Bottle features an embedded filter that can handle water all over North America. Once the inner filter has reached its capacity (at least 1,000 liters), it will not pull in any water, keeping you safe, and letting you know it’s time to swap out a replacement.

Garmin Fenix 3

Garmin’s latest multisport watch connects to both US GPS and Russian GLONASS satellites, ensuring you’ll find signal everywhere in the world. With features that including measuring your VO2 Max and advising recovery time after a workout (with a heart rate monitor), as well is altimeter and baromter, this is the ultimate backcountry navigation device.

BioLiteCampStove Carbon

We’re no strangers to BioLite. This holiday season they have released a limited edition of their award winning CampStove, the Carbon Edition. One-Thousand all black models have been produced to celebrate the fact that BioLite has recently gone completely carbon neutral in their manufacturing process. This is the perfect gift for the discerning adventurer who values a piece of unique gear.

Outdoor Tech Kodiak Plus

When you’re out in the wilds, your electronics need to come along to help document the trip. We loved the Kodiak Plus because it packs dual USB outputs – perfect to keep your smartphone and GPS topped off – and also because it is water, dust, and shockproof. Ours has been from Puget Sound to high in the desert of Zion National Park. It’s kept us connected while out on the trail (and bike, and SUP) without any issues. If you’ve got a power hungry set of cameras, phones, and lights, this is your ticket to keep everything juiced up.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250

This was a standout at the OR Show back in August, and remains the favorite of all our outdoor gadgets we’ve had our hands on this year. Pumping out 250 Lumens at high power, this little lantern will easily light any basecamp. Its battery doubles as a USB hub, and we were able to power a set of bluetooth speakers with ease. It can be recharged by USB or by an included hand crank, making it an excellent addition to a disaster prep kit as well.

Leatherman Signal

A good backwoodsman always has a set of tools on him. For those of us who live in the city, or are more focused on running the trail than building a cabin from the ground up, The new Signal from Leatherman is the perfect multitool for roadtripping, car camping, and backpacking. Nineteen different tools, including multiple knife baldes, a fire-starting rod, and emergency whistle will give you a little peace of mind when your favorite adventurer hits the trail. You might as well pick one up for yourself while you’re at it.

Trimble Outdoors Mapping

Trimble’s mapping apps and printing service are indispensable. We’ve printed off maps this year for everything from adventure races to long treks into alpine lakes. They recently introduced a new feature to their GPS app, the Buddy Finder. You can create a private GPS channel for you and your friends so you can alwasy keep track of each other in the backcountry. Whether you’re stalking an elk and need to be silent, or just heading out to different ski runs, you’ll always know where the most important adventure buddies are.

Peak Design Slide

Peak Design Slide
If you are hauling a DSLR, high end mirrorless camera, or anything similar this is the first accessory that should be on your list. The Slide allows you to quickly pull your camera up for a shot, and then shorten the strap for carry. It is a must for photographers on the go. Additionally, the connection points can be quickly released so you can stow it in a pack or pull the strap off when mounting to a tripod. The new Lassen and Tallac colors add a nice style touch, setting you apart from all the stock Canon and Nikon straps out there.

Lead Image Courtesy of Goal Zero