Equip Your Kitchen with the Best Cutting Boards

best cutting boards

With the prevalent Holiday parties and family visits at this time of the year, the kitchen must be well-equipped for every upcoming occasion.

Keeping your knives sharp is one of the quintessential rules of cooking. A well-maintained knife not only makes chopping easier and faster, but it helps prevent accidents because it requires less force than a dull knife when slicing ingredients. There are a multitude of ways to protect your blade, but one factor many don’t typically consider is the surface of your cutting board.

Even though they require a bit more upkeep than plastic or other synthetic options, wood and bamboo cutting boards are generally gentler on knives. Woods like maple or teak are the best options for longevity because they don’t tarnish the blade like plastic, marble, or glass cutting boards tend to do over time. Top-notch woods can cost a bit more, though, so we’ve compiled a diverse, unique list of the the best cutting boards on the market.

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Joseph Joseph Chopping Board ($13)


This plastic cutting board makes up for its rough surface by way of an equipped knife sharpener. It has a contemporary simple design and is available in four enticing colors.

Totally Bamboo State Shaped Cutting Board ($15 to $20)


Each of these state-shaped cutting boards are made of durable and easy-to-clean bamboo, which also gives sufficient longevity in the kitchen. And, since bamboo is a renewable resource, it’s a great gift for your eco-friendly friends.

Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board ($24)


This bamboo cutting board boasts seven removable mats to make sure your not contaminating foods. These dishwasher safe chopping mats are also color coded for serving vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, bread, and anything else you’re slicing up for dinner.

Koku All-in-one Cutting Board $25


Boasting some of the best utilities, this cutting board features two removable drawers with adjustable dividers to make organizing and separating ingredients easier. The board also has a built-in coarse and fine grater for cheeses and herbs. Having all your utensils handy can save you time in the kitchen and make clean up easier.

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Truffle Toast Natural Olive Wood Chopping Board ($25)


Crafted from natural Italian olive wood, this cutting board is an ideal charcuterie platter when company is over. It’s medium-sized, so cutting a large assortment of vegetables or meats isn’t ideal; however, it’s perfect for serving a mosaic of lunch meats, cheeses, and crackers.

Curved Cutting Board ($26)


Designer Nikolai Carels curated this cool, curved cutting board that’s pleasing to the eye and features great utilization. It’s unique curved design makes it easier to guide sliced food into a pan or bowl, and it’s dual-sided capabilities separates food types efficiently.

The Baguette Bread Slicer Cutting Board ($34)


This new creation for slicing french baguettes is an exceptional tool for the kitchen. Baguette textures can vary immensely, and it’s important to have a strong guide for beautiful cuts on your bread. This unique board made of acacia wood allows for precise cutting and serving of traditional baguettes.

Marbled Cheese Board ($58)


Marble is always stunning and long-lasting, and this mid-sized cheese board has an elegant design that can add some class to your kitchen. This one also isn’t the ideal piece for your everyday cutting board, but can be used for simple cuts such as sandwich essentials and charcuterie.

Brick Wall Cutting Board ($139)


This brick wall pattern is one of our favorites. With an end grain surface, this pristine piece features walnut wood, with as the bricks, cherry, and hard maple rounding out the grout joints. End grain cutting boards boast high durability and longevity, for both your cutting board and your knives.