Five Moisturizers That Work While You Sleep

When you’re tired it’s written all over your face. Getting sleep is crucial when it comes to your preserving your good looks. Overnight your skin rebalances its moisture and works to rehydrate your derm. While you dream your skin recovers from the environmental stress of the day. Skip a night and you’ll wake up puffy and swollen. Let these reparative creams sink in while you slumber.

 Lab Series Night Recovery Lotion

You’ll wake up looking revived, de-puffed and smooth with this lotion packed with transformative vitamins and antioxidants. Slather it on your face and don’t forget your neck. This moisturizer easily absorbs to even out your skin tone and shrink pores.



 Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This nighttime facial oil was specifically formulated to work with your skin while you snooze. Kiehl’s magic elixir is a bit on the pricy side but a little of this powerful concentrate goes a long way. The lavender scent welcomes a calm and restful sleep.



Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra-Calming Face Cream

Sun and wind will sap every drop of moisture from your skin. Combat environmental stress by lathering on this deeply hydrating cream. Its hock full of Hydromanil, ginger root, Vitamins C and E. Count on this moisturizer to bring down inflammation and redness after a long day on the slopes.



Baxter of California Night Cream With AHA

Double-team while you dream with this moisturizing cream containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid. The AHA will gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, brighten skin and improve its texture. Use this moisturizer and you’ll wake up a brand new man.



(Malin + Goetz) –Replenishing Face Cream

Like slipping into expensive sheets, you’ll look forward to slathering on this soothing nighttime cream. Let this moisturizer penetrate deeply and intensely hydrate your skin. Botanicals stimulate cell renewal while soothing chamomile evens out the tone and brings down inflammation. It can also double as an eye cream.