Stay Cool With These Slick Summer Hairstyles for Men

summer hairstyles for men

Look in the mirror. Is your hair a bit shaggier than you’d like? Is sweat pouring from your brow at this very moment? Well, it might just be time for you to head to the barber and ask for a new haircut that’s cool in both temperature and style. For help identifying some excellent summer hairstyles for men, we consulted two Portland, OR barbers: Calen Koenig of Brick and Mortar, and Ashley Schneider of Y-Chrome.

1. Short Fade

short taper

Hair is a funny thing. Like articles of clothing, hairstyles come and go and come again. These days, all kinds of short tapers are in. “The haircuts I’ve been doing have been just like last summer,” says Calen Koenig. “Tight fade on the sides and long on top.” Some iterations of this cut hearkens back to the swell fifties, but with a bit of attitude thrown in for good measure. It’s not exactly the “high and tight” United States Marine Corps look, but it’s not far off. It’s the kind of look a Marine might have if he were mounting an amphibious assault on an artisanal cheese shop.

2. Peaky Blinders UndercutCillian-Murphy-Peaky-Blinders

If you’re looking for some inspiration, Ashley Schneider suggests turning to your Netflix queue. “People have definitely been requesting haircuts from Peaky Blinders,” says Ashley. “Guys are going back in time to an era when everyone looked very dapper with short buzz cuts, fades, and short tapers.” Peaky Blinders, a Netflix original show that follows gangsters in post-World War I Birmingham, features some pretty snazzy haircuts. People seem most taken with the short-on-the-sides, long-on-top undercut rocked by Cillian Murphy and his cohort.

3. Mad Men Power Cutdon draper better

For a more modern look (but not THAT modern) you might check out the ‘dos on Mad Men. Though the hit AMC show has ended, its effect on fashion endures. You’ve likely seen dudes with classic, grandpa-style glasses frames, skinny ties, and wingtip shoes. Well, you should also expect to see slick Don Draper power cuts, if you haven’t already. This cut is a less extreme version of the Peaky Blinders cut, with short (but not too short) sides and a longer top tamed by a side part and a liberal application of pomade.

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Ashley Schneider says that more men are going to barbershops instead of salons or quick-and-dirty 15-minute haircut spots. We strongly encourage this behavior. Your average barber is supremely knowledgeable about summer hairstyles for men, and works hard to cultivate a relaxing, masculine atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a cool summer hairstyle or your new signature look, visiting your neighborhood barbershop is an excellent idea.

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