Upgrade Your Shower Game with these Five Shower Accessories


When it comes to your morning shower routine, small upgrades can make a big difference.

Don’t just lather and rinse. Investing in a shower head that has just the right amount of water pressure or installing a heated towel rack can be life changing. Make your shower an inviting spa like experience and you’ll love getting clean. Try these showers tools and start your day off right.

Before even stepping into the tub, give dry brushing a try. It will get the blood pumping and your lymphatic system moving. Detox with a brush, like this one from Rengöra, with a wood handle and natural boar bristles to remove impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells. Start at your feet and work your way up your body, brushing in circular motions. $12.97

Are you stuck between a bar soap and a body wash? Pick up the new Old Spice Pure Sport Shower DUO and enjoy the best of both worlds. Ditch your plastic loofah in favor of this dual-sided scrubber. The body cleanser gets you squeaky clean like a bar of soap, while softening your skin like body wash. Just hang it up you’re your done and it will last about 30 showers. $12.49

Asking her to shave your back in the shower is not really sexy. Do it yourself with the Bakblade “Big Mouth” Back Shaver from Grooming Lounge. This simple to use shaving tool has a wide blade, flexible handle and is ergonomically designed to get those impossible to reach spots. With just a few quick swipes your back fur is gone. $34.95

There’s nothing like a getting your hair washed from someone skilled at giving a great scalp massage. Treat yourself daily with the Kent SH1 Shampoo Brush. It will help evenly distribute your shampoo and conditioner while stimulating the circulation in your scalp. $8.78

Shaving your face in the shower can save you time. It’s also really good for you. Shower steam softens your beard and opens your pores allowing for a closer more comfortable shave. This anti-fog mirror from Simplehuman mounts right to the wall and pivots so you can see your mug from any angle. There’s a hook to hang your razor. And best of all it’s great looking, just like you. $36.84