Make Your Home Smell Like a Cabin in the Woods

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Our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain that controls emotions and memory and, as such, is possibly the most powerful of the five.

That said, you might consider, during the most stressful time of the year, to avail yourself of aromas that evoke comforting scenarios. Our suggestion? Skip the pumpkin spice crap and go with the great outdoors. Nature tends to be a calming influence for most, especially city dwellers who are chiefly exposed to concrete, car horns, and unidentifiable noxious odors. Who among us doesn’t dream of being sequestered in a secluded cabin in the woods when the holidays threaten to drive you crazy (or your drunk sort-of racist uncle makes an appearance)? So here’s are some awesome flora-inspired options that will help you chill the f out.

Sandoval Wood Interior Home Spray


Bring the great outdoors inside with this forest-in-a-bottle. Just spritz this oakmoss, cedarwood and sandalwood spiked spray liberally throughout your home for maximum woodsy effect. $45,

Cire Trudon Bartolome Scented Matches


Crack open this box of fragranced matches to release the cypress-, amber-, and vetiver-laced scent of Hispaniola into the air. You can also light stuff with them. $15,

Diptyque Feu de Bois Diffuser


If you love gathering around a crackling fireplace in the dead of winter but lack an actual hearth, this smoky, woodsy scented diffuser does a pretty good job of at least simulating the smell of it. $38 (electric diffuser $350),

Forest for the Trees Oak Candle


This fresh, woodsy blend of oak leaves, mown hay, and amber recalls a hike through a dense forest in the northeast. $50,

Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Campfire Incense


Inspired by the deep, dark coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwest, this Douglas Fir smelling incense is a million miles away from the stick you’d find at your local head shop. If it feels particularly transportive, it’s because the fragrance is actually made from the fir trees found in the aforementioned wilderness. $12,

Blackbird Muru Incense Pyres


If you should ever find yourself hiking through the wilds of Estonia, you might catch a whiff of something similar to the cypress- and vetiver-scented smoke of this incense. $28,

Lafco Redwood Soap


Want to make your clothes smell like you just spent a long weekend in Big Sur? Sure you do. Just wrap this redwood-scented soap in a tissue and toss it in your closet or drawer to fake it, ‘til you can make it there. $11,