Make Your Home Smell Like a Cabin in the Woods

Cabin woods

Smell is an incredibly powerful sense because it’s directly linked to the part of the brain that controls emotions and memory. Nature tends to be a calming influence for most as opposed to the miles of concrete, car horns, and blaring sirens that surrounds many of us. Which is why city dwellers need to escape to wide-open spaces every once and awhile to regain their sanity—and clear their lungs. But say if can’t get out as often as you’d like and your happy place is the middle of a forest (you beach people are on your own), infusing your home and stuff with the aroma of cedar, oak, pine and various other fragrant trees can have a similarly calming effect. These home fragrances, each of which approximates the scent of a forest somewhere in the world, should prove suitably transportive thus tiding you over until your next backwoods getaway.

Comme des Garcons Series 3 Zagorsk Incense Sticks

Hanging in a Siberian forest is probably not high on your bucket list so maybe it’s best just to stick to smelling it via burning incense. It’s far from the headache-inducing hippie sticks and is instead an sophisticated blend of pine, birch, and hinoki wood.

Cire Trudon Bartolome Scented Matches

Crack open this box of fragranced matches to release the cypress-, amber-, and vetiver-laced scent of Hispaniola into the air. You can also light stuff with them.

Diptyque Pin Capsule for Un Air de Diptyque Electric Diffuser

Diptyque, diffuser, pine

$350 for diffuser, $38 for capsule,

The cool, crispness of an Arctic wilderness might be just the thing you need to envision as we head into what’s predicted to be a particularly steamy summer. We imagine it smells like Pin, which when released into any room via this electric diffuser, will have you thinking chilly thoughts.

Forest for the Trees Oak Candle

A fresh, woodsy blend of oak leaves, mown hay, and amber recalls a hike through the dewy oak forests of the northeast.

Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Cabin Spray

Oregon’s snow-capped Mount Hood is a sight to behold but if you can’t get there, this room spray’s blend of ingredients, like moss, pine bark, and mushrooms, harvested along the Timberline Trail will take you there.

Blackbird Muru Incense Pyres

If you should ever find yourself hiking through the wilds of Estonia, you might catch a whiff of something similar to the cypress- and vetiver-scented smoke of this incense.

Lafco Redwood Soap

Want to make your clothes smell like you just spent a long weekend in Big Sur? Sure you do. Just wrap this redwood-scented soap in a tissue and toss it in your closet or drawer to fake it, ‘til you can make it there.