How You Can Save Money By Shaving—RazorPit

Written by Matt Bell Posted on February 12, 2013

Looking to shave a little cash from your grooming routine? Then take your blade and slide it across this canny little device. Doing just that made my supped up 4 blade razor last from May 2012 clear through January. That’s 8 months without dropping so much as a penny on a razor blade. And really, it was still going strong by February—not so much a nip, burn or random bump—I just kinda wanted a new blade by that point.

The makers of the product found that razor blades lose their sharpness so quickly mostly because of microscopic gunk that builds up after just a few shaves. It’s Bacteria that water and soap can’t rinse off but that does get cleansed by gliding your blade along a strip of thermo-plastic elastomer. Sounds random, but the company’s founders went through a lot of trial and error (mostly error) before then came up with this one. And now, that’s pretty much all the RazorPit is. It’s about the size of an iPhone and comes with a stand replete with a spot to store your blade. The science behind it has to do with friction, though really after the season has changed and you’re still on the same blade, you’ll be thinking it’s some sort of miracle.

The RazorPit is $35 at


  • Ian Bell

    How often do you think you can use this before the blade gets too thin?

  • Matt Bell

    The company gives different times before it runs out – depends on your own physiology…all I can say is that I’ve been using it about twice a week since May and haven’t changed my blade once or tended to shave wounds. It is really one of the most amazing things I’ve tested.

  • Ian Bell

    How often do you shave with a straight edge? I am usually twice a week, so the blade should last longer if I am shaving less frequently right?

  • Matt Bell

    I usually save a straight edge experience for the barber. For the purposes of the experiment, I stuck with the same mullti-blade razor since that’s what most guys seem to use. But there’s no reason your blade shouldn’t last longer – The makers looked at razor blades under the microscope and found that they lose sharpness so quickly because a film of dirt forms and isn’t easy to remove. Not so much to do with actual dullness. All the product does is remove the layer of filth. You should give it a go with the straight edge and report back!

  • Dan Gaul

    Hi Matt, so you’ve been using the same blade for 9 months?! Wow, that is impressive.

  • Matt Bell

    I know, hard to believe! I finally stopped using my blade a few weeks ago and it was still working.