Celebrate National Hair Loss Awareness Month By Preventing It

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If it seems there is a “National Day of” or “Month of” for everything, you’re not wrong. August happens to be National Hair Loss Awareness Month, also known as: something that some guys are aware of every damn month. Nevertheless to honor this month for the follicle-challenged, Lars Skjoth, founder of Harklinikken hair loss clinic answers FAQ about the common problem and we provide a look at a few hair loss products for repopulating your scalp.

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Your Losing Battle

“Hair shedding happens for all people as the hair grows in cycles and shifts with intervals of two to seven years. Hairs are pushed off every day and a new hair replaces them. The problem is that for some, the hair that replaces the previous one is not as thick and actual hair thinning (or hair miniaturization) starts. This process is very gradual and can start at any age and not just when you are a middle-aged man. Early signs might be more hair in the brush or on the hands when applying a styling product. For others, it is noticed as the hairs in the hairline or crown starts getting shorter and thinner. A man can also have a hair-thinning pattern that are more sporadic, which might not be noticed until the hair mass has reduced 40–50 %. When the hair thinning is more concentrated in the front, it is typically noticed earlier.“

Cause and Effect


Skjoth lays out the four reasons your hair is disappearing:

Mild Androgenetic Hair Thinning

“The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, also called hereditary hair loss or male pattern baldness, because it develops in specific patterns from the interaction between genetic and hormonal factors. This is both preventable and treatable as the hair follicles are still active and we are able to effectively reverse the hair loss process and improve the hair quality for those we have qualified for treatment.”

Advanced Androgenetic Hair Loss

“A more advanced stage of the male pattern baldness that might have progressed to the point of not being treatable.”

Hair Loss Caused by Disease and/or Medication

“Clients suffering from hair loss because of disease or medication are sometimes not good candidates for treatment and are often referred to other specialists, if relevant.”

Physiological Hair Thinning

“Stress and many of the things that often come with stress, like insufficient sleep and poor diet, may lead to hair loss and thinning. Lacking certain nutrients, anemia, scalp disorders like dermatitis, hair styling products and more may result in hair thinning.”

Breaking Bad (Habits)

To keep as much hair as possible, Skjoth suggest avoiding the following.

Hair straighteners: The chemicals are very tough on the strands and can cause breakage. Contact with scalp can cause burns and result in irreversible scarring hair loss.

Styling Products Applied Directly on Scalp: Hair oils, conditioners, waxes and pastes may cause contact allergic reaction, which can result in hair loss due to dermatitis, and clogs hair follicles.

Braids or cornrows: May cause permanent hair loss from scarring caused by inflammation in hair follicles.


Clinical Diagnosis

First, we qualify the individual, as we cannot help all. Once qualified the client has to be compliant with treatment tailor-made for him. We constantly adjust the topical extract all the way through the treatment and document with macro and micro photos and the client is followed and guided throughout the entire treatment by one or more specialists, allowing us to adjust the treatments.

Other Growth Factors



Because one can’t rely on topical solutions alone, there are nutraceutials, like Nutrafol to treat internal hair loss triggers that include inflammation, oxidative stress and poor scalp circulation.

$88 for a one-month supply, nutrafol.com

Viviscal Man Dietary Supplement


Another supplement, this one uses a combination of patented marine complex and basic nutrients to boost hair growth and keep your existing hair in your head for longer.

$49.99 for a one-month supply, viviscalman.com

Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Regime


Attacking the hair loss three ways is the way of the namesake trichologist’s brand. Helping growth from the inside with supplements, revitalizing the scalp with daily drops, and strengthening hair with protein spray.

$215 for a six-week supply, philipkingsley.com

Kérastase Densifique Baume Densité Homme


While most styling offerings are your follicles’ foes, this paste is specifically formulated to stimulate them with amino acids. At the same time, high-tech polymers keep hair in place and instantly makes it appear thicker.

$35, kerastase-usa.com