Yes, You Need SPF Even in the Winter

Best Sunscreen for Winter

You know how in the summer there are a flurry of stories about seemingly summer-specific topics like sunglasses and refreshing cocktails and sun protection and then when the weather takes a turn for the freezing, there are not.

And yet in spite of the weather, there is still a need for all those things. So we’re here to ensure you that you still need to be slathering on the sunscreen.

“I tell all of my male patients to wear an SPF 365 days a year, no matter what time of year it is,” says dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank. “The sun’s harmful UV rays are just as strong in the fall and winter months, even though there is less exposure.” Rather than a straight-up sunblock during the colder months, Dr. Frank advises picking a daily moisturizer with SPF so you get the one-two punch of hydration and protection, and applying it at least 30 minutes before going out so it has time to fully absorb. (The exception: If you’re hitting the slopes, in which case, you need to basically wear what you would to the beach as the snow acts like one of those old school silver reflectors.) Here are our top picks for the best sunscreen for winter.

Ursa Major Force Field Daily Defense Lotion SPF 18


This multitasker prevents future sun damage with UV blocking minerals and antioxidants while minimizing the effects of your less-than-stellar past SPF usage at the same time.


Anthony Logistics Day Cream SPF 30 anthonyFor the pastier among you, it’s a good idea to stick to at least an SPF 30 to ensure you get adequate protection. This is also packed with hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and squalene, to keep your skin from getting too thirsty.




The Art of Shaving Eucalyptus Daily Facial Lotion with Sunscreen SPF 15


Feeling the winter blahs, this eucalyptus oil packed lightweight moisturizer might help rouse you from the stupor.



Context Skin Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer SPF 15


While those on the shiny side might be less greasy during these drying times, using this oil-minimizing formula also helps. And then there is a veritable alphabet of free-radical fighting vitamins to prevent UV damage.


Portland General Store Victory Moisturizer SPF 15


Another option if you need to get out of that weather-related funk is this mostly organic lotion that’s scented with sense stimulating tea tree oil and menthol. If you’re starting to look haggard, this anti-aging formula can also help you out with that.