5 Rules to be Your Best Bearded Self For No-Shave November


While we at The Manual are big fans of Movember, which raises awareness for men’s health issues (most notably prostate cancer), there are other organizations entering the category including No-Shave November, which has partnered with the American Cancer Society. For those of you giving up your razor cold turkey to support the latter cause, we have spoken to the founder of Beardbrand Eric Bandholz who offers his guide for maintaining your face sweater this month. If you’re joining the hirsute party for the first time, you probably require a little support to get through this hairy time of year. Luckily, Beardbrand’s Bandholtz has shared some tips for keeping your facial hair acceptable for public viewing, the office, and that big family gathering (hint: not like Grizzly Adams), and we’ve added a few of our favorite beard groomers below to help you make it possible.

Rule #1: Don’t over cleanse. “If possible avoid washing everyday with a shampoo. If you do wash everyday, then always follow with a conditioner and try to use a natural soap, which is less harsh on your skin.”

Rule #2: Use lube. “As it gets colder and drier, beard oil becomes more necessary. Apply it daily to a damp beard after your shower while the skin is still relaxed from the warm water.”

Rule #3: Keep it neat. “Trim off any split ends. I recommend using scissors to prevent dramatic trimming accidents. It will give you surgeon-like precision for keeping your beard looking nice.”

Rule #4: Tame your ‘stache. “Use mustache wax to help train the mustache to part to the sides. This will help keep the hair out of your mouth and prevent you from chomping down on it as you eat.”

Rule #5: Make it work (appropriate). “If you keep a corporate beard, be sure to trim the neck and cheek line. A good rule of thumb is to make sure neck hair ends above the Adam’s apple and with the cheek line, it doesn’t go any higher than the bottom of the nose.”