5 Great Green Brands to Buy in Celebration of Earth Day

You’ve probably already sworn off parabens, phthalates and other nasty ingredients. If not, Earth Day is as good of a time as any to jump on that bandwagon. Here are two issues you may run into in your quest to stock up on the good stuff. There is the liberal use of the word “natural” that could mean when you flip it over that jar or tube, you’re faced with a long list of ingredients not found in nature. And then there are hippy, granola offerings that appear assembled in someone’s basement, which make you doubt the end result. To help you in your mission to green your routine and to prove natural doesn’t equal homespun, we put together a handful of brands that make eco look awesome.

Herbivore Botanicals

The founders of this Seattle-based unisex skin and bodycare brand test each of their products on themselves, not adorable, defenseless bunnies. But seriously, it means that all the raw ingredient packed products they whip up actually do the job. In addition to everything that can be shared with your lady friend, there are beard tonics and a post-shave serum that are designed especially for your manly face.


PlantGroupShot From sea kelp and salt body scrub to rice bran face cleanser to sea salt bath soak, this Brooklyn-based apothecary brand features USDA-certified organic formulas packaged in cool minimalism designs. And the husband-and-wife founders are helping more than just the planet. They also employ adults with physical and mental disabilities to help with production in their workshop.


Bottega Organica 


If you’re in doubt of the power of plants, maybe a scientist’s conviction will persuade you. Geneticist Andrea Alimonti discovered a bunch of plant extracts were just as effective at restoring the fresh face of youth as the crap made in a lab. What came out of that is this farm-to-bottle skincare brand with ingredients harvested from farms in Italy and New York.

Dr. Alkaitis

Another example of a scientist seeing the beauty in nature, the namesake founder sticks with a pretty basic tenet: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” Words to live by. He stays true to his beliefs and uses his chemist expertise to formulate 100% certified organic, small-batch, plant- and herb-based skincare, like Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask, Soothing Gel and Herbal Toner.



You can’t say this Italian hair care company is half-assing its commitment to the Earth. From powering its offices and facilities with renewable energy to embracing a carbon neutral policy to formulating its shampoos, conditioners and styling products with ingredients cultivated on small family-owned farms in Italy, they are 100% trying to save the planet; one good hair day at a time.