The Ultimate Father’s Day Booze Gift Guide

If you’ve made it through life without feeling at some point that you owe your dad a drink, then you’ve probably been living life wrong. This Father’s Day, show pops how much you care by helping him drink away the years of stress you’ve caused him. Then, once you’ve got the liquor, make sure you stock up on the boozy accessories, too.

Basil Hayden’s — A solid bourbon for any occasion, Basil Hayden’s is a great choice if dad hasn’t had bourbon in a while or if he needs a new, affordable go-to. Drink it straight or mix it up, dad will realize he really can’t go wrong here.

Facundo Exquisito — A bend of rums aged 7 and 23 years, this dark rum is finished in sherry casks and is part of the first luxury collection of sipping rums to come from Bacardí.

Blade and Bow 22 — Aged 22 years, this limited-release bourbon celebrates the high level of craftsmanship and quality that has come to be known from the Stitzel-Weller distillery in Kentucky. (While you’re at it, might as well pick up multiple bottles, as there are five different keys that adorn the bottles, some rarer than others.)

Baker’s Bourbon — Named after the grandnephew of Jim Beam, Baker’s is distilled and barreled in small batches using a special jug yeast that delivers a smooth, silky mouthfeel, and wonderful vanilla notes from the oak aging process.

Cooperstown Distillery American Whiskey — Does dad love baseball and whiskey? Get him a baseball filled with whiskey. This bourbon-style whiskey is aged ten months in oak barrels and ready to make pops buy you some peanuts and crack jacks.

Hillrock Estate Madeira Cask Finished Rye — Hillrock Estate Distillery is the first U.S. distillery since before Prohibition to floor malt and hand craft whiskey on site from estate-grown grain. Their Cask-finished rye is bold, full-bodied, and perfect for all the times you need to say sorry for stealing the car when you were sixteen.

Canadian Club 100% Rye Whiskey — Not sure if pops likes rye? Start with Candian Club’s rye whiskey. Served on the rocks, it’s a great gateway to some of the other ryes on this list and it makes one bad ass Manhattan.

Speyburn 10 Year Old — A classic scotch, Speyburn is balanced and ready for the seasoned scotch drinker or the dad looking to refine his palate a little more later in life.

The Hilhaven Lodge Whiskey — Hilhaven Lodge was once a place where celebrities could escape to in Beverly Hills and be themselves. This whiskey epitomizes that idea of escape and enjoyment, blending bourbon, rye, and Tennessee whiskey from three different decades together for a spirit worthy of its namesake’s tradition.

Lock Stock & Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey — Aged 16 years in cold weather, this whiskey is double-distilled and unfiltered, delivering a rye that’ll put the color back in the gray hairs on your father’s chest.

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Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye — Not only was Northern Harvest the top whiskey of 2015, but if you order it online and put in the code CROWNFATHERS, you’ll be able to customize a bag for dad for free, which he’ll get in 7-10 business days. What dad wouldn’t want a bag of whiskey with his name on it? (Valid for one customer each June 3 – June 19)

Stanley Adventure Happy Hour System — No matter where dad is, make sure he’s ready to mix a cocktail. This set comes with an all-encompassing cocktail shaker that features a removable reamer to juice and strain directly into the jigger cap, the four double wall rocks glasses, or shaker.

Time & Oak Gentleman’s Kit — Is your dad the one that everyone looks to for how to dress and act like a gentleman? Is he the one in the neighborhood that has all the single ladies looking his way when he walks the family dog? This kit epitomizes that. With a custom flask, lighter, cigar cutter and T&O’s signature whiskey elements that will help add depth and flavor to any spirit in a matter of hours, this kit will allow dad to remain the dapperest dad on the block.

The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set — For the father on the go, this travel kit will allow pops to booze in style, even at 30,000 feet. It includes 5 different flavors and comes in a great tin case. Dad not a traveler? Get it anyway and help him work on his mixology skills.