The Ultimate Charcuterie Picnic

Summer Sausage

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Summer is in full swing, which means we’re finding every opportunity to take a meal al fresco. Sure, you could sit on the sidewalk or patio of your favorite neighborhood restaurant, but there’s something to be said for packing a good old fashioned picnic. Whether you’re going on a hike, planning a day in the park or sunning on the beach, this is our perfect formula for a summer lunch on the go.

cooler. picnic, charcuterie picnicMountainsmith Roll Top Cooler Cube

Not only does this cooler look good, it’s tough enough to take on your most vigorous hikes and rugged adventures. PE foam insulation keeps the contents icy cold and the seam-sealed lining prevents melted water from leaking. Durable ripstop fabric and an integrated bottle opener means you have less things to worry about on the trail.

Roll Top Cooler Cube, $44.95

Pate, picnic, charcuterie picnicLes Trois Petits Cochons Wild Boar Pate

This hearty pate is perfect for bringing on a picnic because it will keep its textural integrity even in warmer weather (just don’t leave it out there too long). Crafted from wild boar, pork and chicken liver, chestnuts and raisins, it’s perfect on its own, spread on crackers and paired with a fruit-forward, rustic red wine.

Wild Boar Pâté, $13.99

Summer Sausage, charcuterie picnic, charcuterie, meatOlympia Provisions Summer Sausage

No picnic is complete without a summer sausage, and you’d be cheating yourself if you didn’t try Olympia Provisions’ version. Mildly spiced with mustard and garlic, it has a tangy flavor that’s perfect on its own or paired with a sharp white cheese.

Summer Sausage, $13

Fermin Iberico Jamon, charcuterie picnicFermin Iberico Jamon

Iberico ham is always a treat and perfect for a summer picnic. The Pata Negra pigs of Spain feast only on acorns for some of the most flavorful and well-marbled pork ever. Bring along a nice cheese and some crusty bread for the perfect European-style meal.

Iberico Jamon, $20

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manchego cheese, picnic, charcuterie picnicFarmstead Manchego Cheese

If you weren’t sure what type of cheese to pair with the jamon, manchego is always our go-to. This mildly sharp raw sheep’s milk cheese was aged for six months and has a pleasant bite and wonderfully savory flavor.

Manchego Cheese, $12.49

mcclure's pickles, charcuterie, picnic McClure’s Spicy Spears Pickles

These spicy pickles are made with both cayenne and habanero peppers to give them a serious kick. Perfectly crunchy and satisfying, they’re the kind of addictive snack you can feel good about. Use the leftover brine in a marinade or Bloody Mary mix.

Spicy Spears Pickles, $7.95

maille mustard, charcuterie picnic, picnic, mustard, whole grain mustardMaille Old Style Whole Grain Dijon Mustard

You never go wrong with the classics, and this tangy, grainy mustard is a testament to just that. The French recipe blends mustard seeds with vinegar and red wine for a traditional flavor you can pair with anything. It’s perfect on sandwiches, in marinades and alongside picnic platters like this.

Old Style Whole Grain Dijon Mustard, $3.97

beldi garlic olives, charcuterie, picnic, olivesBeldi Dry Cured Olives with Garlic and Provence Herbs

It’s not easy to get ahold of these Moroccan olives, so always snag them we you see them. Sun-dried rather than cured, these Beldi olives are then rubbed with an aromatic blend of garlic and herbs. Their briny, herbal taste is the perfect compliment to your meaty picnic.

Beldi Dry Cured Olives, $6.79