The Manual’s 2015 Ultimate Barware and Bar Gift Guide


There’s a little bit of everything out there for the cocktail lover this year. Check out some of the best products you can buy for the spirits lover in your life on this holiday gift guide.

Cocktail books:

Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual ($27) – Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry are two of the most-awarded bartenders in the world. In this book, you have the chance to not only learn about and make cocktails from this lower Manhattan powerhouse bar, but you also get an insiders’ look at the stories of Muldoon and McGarry as well.

Out of the Jar ($49.95) –Edited by Cathrin Brandes, Christian Schneider, Dirk Mönkemöller, and Robert Klanten, Out of the Jar looks at some of the “best and most unusual spirits from around the world.” Translation: Buying this book will help you kick ass at any and all booze-related trivia games.

Cocktail gear:

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses ($28 for 4) – You may not be in college anymore, but let’s face it. Who doesn’t like a tequila shot every now and again (and again, and again). With these resuable shot glasses made of salt, you’ll not only get your agave fix, but you’ll do it in style.

Snake Bite Bottle/Can Opener ($22) – This new can and bottle opener fits wonderfully on your key ring without getting in the way of anything else, thanks to the beautifully dyed leather cover. It’s simple to use and sturdy enough to last decades—everything you need in an opener.

Basil Hayden and Quoddy Limited Edition Drinking Shoe Gift Set ($399.98) – This gift is the epitome of handcrafted goodness. Each set includes four handmade Horween leather-wrapped rocks glasses (in their own leather case) and a pair of made-to-order co-branded Basil Hayden & Quoddy shoes. Buying this will literally enable the term “drinking shoes” in your life. There is nothing else beyond that. Note: gift set does not come with a bottle of Basil.

David Rasmussen Wooden Wine Platter Gift Set ($181) These glasses are built to last. Not only is the finish FDA-approved, but these wooden glasses insulate, helping keep wine cooler longer. They don’t give off any funky flavors, yet looks like the life of the party. Win-win.

The Man Can ($40) – Keep your beer carbonated and fresh longer than ever before. The Man Can fits in your fridge or is portable enough to go with you anywhere. Whatever your beer preference, you can store it in the Man Can.

J. Stark Wine Totes ($70) – These totes are not only beautifully-made, but they can hold more than just wine—Pappy Van Winkle, anyone? Equipped with a side wine key pocket and triple thick bottle separator, you’re set to carry whatever drink you prefer in style.

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For making cocktails:

Treasure Island Refresher Cocktail Kit ($75) – Act like a pirate for a day, or indulge in one of the many other cocktail kits available on Craft Spirits Exchange. You may not know exactly how to make a cocktail, but with these kits, it doesn’t matter. Buy, pour, enjoy. Simple as that.

Cocktail & Sons Syrups Bundle ($41.95) – Making craft cocktails at home has never been easier. Literally. Take Cocktail & Sons’ syrups, booze, and ice, mix, and you’ve got a craft cocktail ready to drink. This bundle also comes with a cocktail book for riffing on some of the classics and a shot glass.

Be Mixed Zero Calorie Mixers ($33 for a set of 12) – You might not care about calories, but if you’re having a party, chances are someone might. These zero calorie mixers come in a variety of flavors and pack just the right amount of flavor without the extra weight.

Carry-On Cocktail Kit ($24) – Everything you need to have a spirited flight. Just add booze and you’ll be crafting top-notch cocktails at 10,000 feet.