Shotsgiving 2: Another Thanksgiving Meal in Shots


Last year, we prepared the best Thanksgiving meal imaginable—one made entirely of shots.

Well, we’re back this year with a bigger, better Thanksgiving meal made entirely from shots. We’ve switched up some of the dishes (and added a few more) and searched hard to find spirits that not only align closely with the typical Thanksgiving meal dishes, but also don’t taste terrible.

As we said last year, if you’re planning on doing Shotsgiving, it’s not advisable to do it by yourself. Seeing as it’s Thanksgiving, bring the family into it—what better way to get Grandma to stop asking why you haven’t settled down with a nice girl yet than to offer her a shot of Smoked Salmon Vodka (it’s a thing, read on)?

Without further ado, we present Shotsgiving 2.

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Appetizers and Side Dishes

Cranberry Sauce (Leopold Brothers Cranberry Liqueur) Bottled by hand to maintain the brilliant cranberry red color and flavor, Leopold Brothers easily answer the age-old question of canned vs. homemade: neither, you want this instead. Not too tart, not too sweet, this beats out even the best canned cranberry sauce.

Mashed Potatoes (Grand Teton Potato Vodka) What kind of Thanksgiving meal would it be without mashed potatoes? Grand Teton steps in here with a spirit made from, you guessed it, potatoes. Distilled to the equivalent of twenty times and polished with charcoal and garnet crystal, this vodka is flavorful and smooth, with or without ice.

Rolls (Templeton Rye) With so much gravy and other good things in need of being sopped up on a Thanksgiving plate, you can’t not have bread of some sort. To solve that problem, we’ve gone with Templeton Rye, which exudes the spicy notes that rye lovers look for. It also has just enough sweetness to balance these notes out, making it great to stuff yourself on when Grandma takes too long to get all of the appetizers out in time.

Side Salad (La Quintinye Vermouth Royal) While a salad should probably be a shot that contains multiple different spirits, we’ve gone with a flavorful, aromatic vermouth that incorporates twenty-eight different plants and spices—enough greens go into this vermouth that the Jolly Green Giant would think it’s a long lost kid.

Sliced Beets (Boardroom Spirits Beet Spirit) You can’t get more beet flavored than Boardroom Spirits Beet Spirit. Made entirely from beets, the spirit is a vegetable brandy that is sweet, smooth, and earthy.

Smoked Salmon and Capers (Alaska Distillery’s Smoked Salmon Vodka) Smoked salmon may not be on the menu for everyone at Thanksgiving, but when you come across a vodka made with the stuff, how could you not see it making its way onto this menu? Made in Alaska (which makes complete sense), this vodka is best in a drink like a Bloody Mary, but offers an interesting experience on its own as well.

Stuffing (Modern Spirts Celery Peppercorn Vodka) This vodka tastes exactly like it sounds. As with the smoked salmon vodka above, this spirit is best served in a drink like a Bloody Mary, but the flavors of celery and peppercorns work perfectly here for a nice stuffing. For those that want a different kind of stuffing or dressing, try substituting a Calvados (such as Boulard) for an apple stuffing-flavored side.

Sweet Corn (Glen Thunder Corn Whiskey) For sweet corn, you want an unaged whiskey that really brings those sugary corn flavors to the forefront. Glen Thunder, from Finger Lakes Distilling in Burdett, New York captures that essence, with a fresh corn nose and great smoothness on the palate.

Sweet Potato Casserole (Art in the Age Sweet Potato Vodka) Art in the Age, a Philadephia-based distillery, are great for producing not only interesting spirits, but producing interesting spirits that taste great. Last year, we used their Sage as our stuffing, and this year we’ve got their Sweet Potato vodka on deck. With caramel and a little oakiness, this vodka is like a sweet potato casserole (or pie!) in a glass. If you like it, save a shot and have another as dessert.

Main Course

Turkey (Wild Turkey Rare Breed) As we did last year, we’re cheating a little here and going with the name. That being said, there’s nothing better to anchor a meal than a good shot of bourbon. In the case of Rare Breed, this bourbon is barrel proof and rich in tobacco and oak flavors that are perfect to sip on all night long.


Cherry Pie (BroVo Spirits Boomerang) Made from an amaro base and aged in whiskey barrels, this liqueur is cherry-flavored and boosted by cinnamon, walnut, vanilla, and more. It may look like cough medicine, but if medicine tasted this good, it’d be easy to be “sick” all the time.

Pecan Pie (Sugarlands Spirits Butter Pecan Cream Liqueur) Butterscotch and Pecan flavors dominate this liqueur, making for a pecan pie in a glass. At only 40-proof, too, this is as smooth as smooth can be.