POTUS Potables: Killer Craft Beer to Drink for President’s Day

Amazingly, it seems that every holiday can be celebrated with a themed craft beer selection. 

Mexican-style lagers are a great fit for Cinco de Mayo. Resinous hop bombs or bright botanical beers suit Arbor Day. Christmas has its own category of ales, and pumpkin beers are unavoidable on Halloween.

But what about President’s Day? While that may seem like a more daunting pairing exercise, there are plenty of options to knock back a beer and honor one of your favorite founding fathers. Give one of these craft beers a try this President’s Day.

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Lincoln’s GiftService Brewing Co.

lincolns gift beer

This delicious stout brewed with May River oysters is named in tribute to General Sherman’s presentation of the city of Savannah to President Lincoln in 1864. A dash of salty brine is the stove pipe hat on the delicious chocolate and coffee notes found in the base beer.

RooseveltCigar City Brewing / Swamp Head Brewery

This American barley wine is brewed with pecans and also released in a limited bourbon barrel aged version. The label art is emblazoned with a portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a quote on the benefits of competition and cooperation, fitting for this Florida brewery team up.

Brew Free! Or Die IPA21st Amendment

brew free or die

While not named after a president, the striking can art features the faces of Mount Rushmore coming alive and looking for a fight. Bright and aromatic, Centennial, Columbus and Cascade hops make this West Coast IPA a juicy and patriotic choice.

White House Honey Ale – DIY

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this at the store, but you can have the satisfaction of recreating the first beer ever brewed in the White House by following the public domain recipe. Brewed at the request of our 44th president, it’s good enough to warrant a sincere “Thanks, Obama!”

Ale to the Chief Avery Brewing

ale to the chief

Coming in at a sizable 8.1% alcohol by volume, this beer uses all American ingredients and is only brewed once every four years to celebrate the passing of the presidential torch. Ale to the Chief pours a thick, cloudy amber and drinks sweet and nuanced. 

Any beer from Founding Fathers Brewing Co

The Amber, Pale and Light Lagers from Founding Fathers Brewing Co. put George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson front and center on the labels. An excellent alternative to the big foreign-owned brewing conglomerates, you’ll also drink happy knowing fifty percent of Founding Fathers’ profits go to support charities that benefit military families.

No matter which beer you choose, drinking from an American-owned craft brewery is an appropriate way to say “cheers” to those who have taken on the heavy burden of leading the country.