How To Party Like A Lannister: The Definitive Guide to Celebrating Game of Thrones

It’s been months, but it’s back, people. Game Of Thrones is back. It’s finally time to find out if John Snow is really dead, or if Little Finger is working with the White Walkers, or how Tyrion is going to talk his way out of any number of situations.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the things you absolutely need to fully enjoy GOT’s return (minus, you know, mass murders, which are never appropriate for parties).Pure-Honey-Mead-300x300

Mead: Any Medieval celebration needs mead. Made, on the most basic level, from honey and water, mead is the perfect drink for any kind of party. Never had mead before? Hidden Legend Winery’s award-winning meads are a great starting (and ending) point. From their Pure Honey Mead to their King’s Mead to their Huckleberry Mead, there is a flavor for every palate.

bottle-6-7kAle: This is a Medieval celebration so one type of alcohol, frankly, isn’t going to cut it. Only having one tipple is like saying Joffrey was a good king. For any die-hard GOT fans out there, you’ve probably already tried these, but if you haven’t, you’d be wise to check out Brewery Ommegang’s special Game of Thrones series of beers. The latest, Seven Kingdoms, is a hoppy wheat ale that doesn’t disappoint.

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Food: If you’re going to party, you need to have the proper food for your guests and in this case, you can’t go wrong with A Feast of Ice and Fire. This cookbook takes you into the kitchens of Westeros and shows you how to prepare everything from King’s Landing Lemon Cakes to Wintercakes from Across the Narrow Sea.

Proper Vessels
: If we’re going to be drinking copiously, as all good partiers should (I mean, have you seen those wedding feasts?), you’re going to need to do it the right way—with a freakin’ drinking horn. Ale Horn makes custom drinking tankards that will show your guests you know how to party with the best of them. Hand-made from 100% real horn, each tankard can not only hold up to 20 fluid ounces, but, just like the snowflakes that fall on The Wall, each tankard is unique. What’s even cooler is that Ale Horn offers custom House Sigil engraved tankards, allowing you to show everyone where your allegiance lies.

3 Game of Thrones HornsModern Barbarian Beard Products Header2

Grooming: When walking into the most important party of the year, you don’t want to look like you came from North of the Wall, do you? (Answer: No, because you’ll probably get shot with arrows or something). Ale Horn once again is here to help: their Modern Barbarian line of beard combs, beard oil, and balm will help tame even the wildest beards, making you look presentable for when the Mother of Dragons shows up.