Himalayan Rock Salt Shotglasses

Himalayan Rock Salt Shotglasses

While we’re definitely fond of the traditional salted hand/lime wedge ritual that accompanies the consumption of a tequila shot, these fresh new shot glasses are our new favorite way to get a gulp of cactus juice.

… Ok, maybe second favorite. They come in at a close second to taking a body shot off of Mila Kunis.

Rather than being made from the same old boring borosilicate glass you’d get in a standard shooter, these badboys are made out of rock salt. Their thinly veined, slightly translucent appearance makes them look like rose quartz, but they’re actually carved from high-quality, food-grade Himalayan pink salt – which makes them perfect for tequila. The glasses will naturally give a salty twinge to your drinks, but with a more subtle and nuanced flavor than you get with ordinary table salt.

The salt they’ve constructed with is also naturally anti-bacterial, so there’s no need to put these things in the dishwasher after you use them. Just give ’em a quick rinse and you’re set. And don’t worry about them dissolving away either – Himalayan pink salt, AKA¬†halite, is a a pretty sturdy mineral and will remain intact after thousands of uses.

You can pick up a set of four for about $30-40 bucks on Amazon.