Feasting: Gift Guide for the Chowhound

gift guide

Feasting is our column dedicated to cooking, grilling, eating and discovering what’s on the menu across America and the world.

We all have that one person in our life (maybe many, if you’re lucky) who loves to eat more than anything. These people appreciate just about everything you put in front of them, whether it’s a simple roasted chicken, super fancy tasting menu or a plate of $2 dumplings you can only find in the depths of Chinatown. We love these friends because they expose us to new cuisines and experiences, encouraging us to open our minds and our taste buds. So this holiday season, treat your favorite chowhound to one of these stellar gifts, and give him or her something new to chew for once.


Chung Jung One Gochujang Korean Chili Sauce

A staple in Korean cuisine, Gochujang is known for its umami flavor and perfect taste balance of sweet and salty. Chung Jung One’s new take on the chili sauce was developed in part with product consultant Chef Edward Lee, a 2015 James Beard finalist, restaurant owner and cookbook author, so you know it’s going to be good. Use it on everything from traditional bibimbap to chicken wings, or turn it into a butter and use when grilling a ribeye, just like Chef Lee. $9.99 (2-pack), Amazon


Marcelli Formaggi Abruzzo Big Cheese Collezione

This is the ultimate gift for the Italian chef in your life. Marcelli Formaggi is a small, family-run business and the sole U.S. importer of cheese, honey, olive oil and handmade pasta from Abruzzo, Italy. With clients like Marta, Marc Forgione and Eataly, you know their products are the best of the best. The Big Cheese Collezione is the ultimate sampling of their products., including three cheese, six pastas, two flavored oils and much more. $225, Abruzzo Pantry


Tilit Contra Apron

With all the cooking your giftee is doing, he’ll need something to protect his fit in the kitchen. This waxed cotton apron is designed with a fabric (made in NYC) that’s water-resistant and repellent against falling foodstuff. A handmade leather clasp adds extra style to make being in the kitchen even more fun. $85, Tilit


Three Jerks Jerky Subscription

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving well after the holidays have passed. The guys at Three Jerks only use the tenderloin, or Filet Mignon, for a succulent, tender piece of meat every time. Always free of nitrates and artificial ingredients, it’s a healthy, tasty snack for all the jerky lovers on your list. Grab a three to 12-month subscription, so your giftee can receive a three-pack of this delicious jerky on the regular. $99 – $379, Three Jerks


Carolina Cue To-Go Four Piggies Package

Chef Elizabeth Caramel teamed up with Four Points to bring you this mouthwatering box of Carolina BBQ, delivered straight to your door. Each package contains two pounds of North Carolina whole hog BBQ, one pound of cabbage for slaw, a bottle of spicy vinegar sauce and a package of Martin’s potato rolls. Throw in exclusive Four Points + Coke Zero Ultimate Fan Experience recipes from Chef Karmel, and you have pretty much the best gift ever. $49, Caroline Cue To-Go


Bonne O Sparkling Water System

The Bonne O is the first carbonating system that doesn’t need a CO2 tank to work, making it more eco-friendly and sustainable than other competing products on the market. And it can sparkle literally everything from water and tea to wine and cocktails. You can use it to carbonate water and other beverage as they are, or use the chamber to infuse them with flavors like lemon, cola and even root beer. $149.99, Bonne O


Crafted Meat

We love curing our own charcuterie here at The Manual, so we were stoked when we got our hands on Crafted Meat, a book that documents current developments in today’s meat culture revival for both makers and epicures. Inside you’ll find recipes for everything from pâtes to sausages and expert tips from young butchers who are shaking up the trade. $55, Gestalten

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Certified Angus Beef Natural Filet Mignon

Who doesn’t love getting a nice juicy steak in the mail? Certified Angus Beef’s natural filet mignon comes from cows that are never given hormones, antibiotics and fed a 100% vegetarian diet for the most delicious flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. If you’re lucky, your giftee might even share one with you. $113.95 – $146.95, Certified Angus Beef


Maker’s Mark Authentic Barrel Grilling Chips

Perfect for the bourbon and BBQ lover, Maker’s Mark cuts their authentic grilling chips from used bourbon barrels so you can get a little of that authentic whiskey taste to your favorite grilled meals. $19.95, Maker’s Mark Shop



We all know a home cook who is either just getting started in the kitchen or loves to be there but has time constraints when it comes to making meals – Plated is the perfect gift for either scenario. They start with chef-designed recipes, break them down into pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards and deliver the package straight to your door. And the menu changes every week (with meals for veggie, meat and seafood lovers) so your palate never gets bored. $48 – $96 per week, Plated


Fermín Boneless Jamón Serrano

Cured in the medieval mountain town of La Alberca, Spain from humanely-raised pigs, this delicious ham is hung to dry in the cool mountain air where it ages for more than a year. Of all the Serrano hams available in America, this one is the most authentic, so even those with the most discerning tastes won’t be able to get enough. $349.95, La Tienda


ROE Caviar

The perfect celebratory eating experience for anyone who appreciates a little luxury on the palate, ROE is a delicious white sturgeon caviar sustainably farmed by aquaculture in California. What started as a treat for family and friends is now available in limited quantities until December 31, so hurry and grab some before it’s gone. $275 – $550, ROE Caviar