Cooking on a Slab of Himalayan Rock Salt

If you can muster up the courage to leave your cast iron skillet behind for a moment, we highly suggest you try cooking your next meal on a block of Himalayan rock salt. It might just be our favorite new way to prepare food.

The idea is fairly straightforward. You start by slowly heating a slab of salt over a gas grill or stovetop, and once it’s up to temp, you just drop whatever you’re cooking on top and watch it sizzle for a few seconds. Because of the block’s unique composition, it imparts your food with a subtle hint of mineral saltiness that’s absolutely fantastic.

We’re not sure if it’s just our brains playing tricks on us, but the flank steak we seared on this thing definitely seemed more juicy than normal. It could be the placebo effect, but the science of it actually makes sense on some level. In a way, cooking on salt is a lot like dousing your meat in brine. When sodium and chloride ions get into the meat tissue, their electrical charges mess with the proteins, and alter them in such a way that they can hold moisture more effectively and lose less of it during the cooking process.

Even though you’re typically not searing the meat for more than a few minutes on these blocks, it stands to reason that, even if it’s minuscule, this┬áchemical reaction is taking place on some level, and probably helping the meat retain moisture.

But it’s not just good for meat either. Just about everything tastes better with a tiny hint of salt seared into it — eggs cooked on the block are next level delicious, and the subtle salt flavor provides a perfect balance to sweet fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and peaches.

Tracking down a local store that sells these blocks is easier said than done, but you can snag yourself a slab online for a decent price if you poke around Amazon for a few minutes — and we highly suggest you do.