6 Bloody Mary Mixes for When You Can’t Make Your Own

national bloody mary day

I’m going to go ahead and say it: Bloody Marys are the best brunch drink around. The mix of savory and boozy, plus the fact that they are as customizable as a Lego set make them better than anything else out there (here’s looking at you, mimosas).

Made right, they’re perfect for pounding a quick one down before going out or sitting and enjoying over the course of a slow, lazy brunch.

The thing about brunch, though, is that sometimes the night before was a little rough. Sometimes, the thought of loud noises and tons of people makes you want to throw up (again). Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is pull six or seven ingredients out of your fridge and mix up a cocktail in an effort to stave off the hangover that you know is coming once you get moving.

That is where mixes come in. You can find literally hundreds of types of Bloody Mary mixes out there—from the conventional to the insane and everything in between. We’ve sifted through them and picked out six that we think you should give a try. While none of them will beat a good, home-made Bloody Mary, sometimes even the best home mixologists need a little help.

Zing Zang A staple mix for most people. Not too much going on flavor-wise (everything you expect, nothing you don’t), so it’s perfect for those that like to pimp out their Bloody Mary’s with all sorts of stuff, if you happen to have it on hand.

Finest Call Loaded Bloody Mary Mix If you find yourself making your homemade Bloody Marys with V8 and not tomato juice, this mix is for you. Multiple vegetables are added to the tomato, lemon, and spices, giving a nice, round flavor on its own.

Major Peters Hot & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix A fairly full-flavored mix on its own, Major Peters kicks up their own recipe with the hot & spicy version. While it may not be as spicy as people who love hot stuff are used to, it still packs a decent punch—enough to wake you up some on a lazy Sunday afternoon. As a bonus, it also is sold in 64-ounce jugs.

McCLure’s Bloody Mary Mix McClure’s is a brand known for their pickles, so if you like salty, briny goodness, this mix is for you. The pickle flavor, to those that don’t truly love pickles will be overwhelming, but for those looking for a little extra sodium to help that hangover, this one is a great option.

Charleston Bold Bloody Mary Mix While they have a milder flavor, you’ll want to go with the bold here. Using all-natural ingredients that include sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and a habanero pepper mash, the Charleston Bloody Mary Mix is rightfully one of the best mixes to come out of the South.

Ballast Point Spicy Bloody Mary Mix While you probably know Ballast Point for their beers, (including the oh-so-delicious Grapefruit Sculpin), they also make a variety of other products, including spirits and, for our purposes here, a Bloody Mix. What separates this from the others on this list is the inclusion of amber ale in their recipe.