The Most Baller Way to Serve Whiskey. Ever.

If there’s one thing that I love more than a flight of delicious, amber-hued whiskey, it’s most definitely a flight of said whiskey served on the severed battle horns of a full-grown buck. I can think of nothing more rugged, manly, and outright gangster.

In all honesty, something like this probably wouldn’t fit your home’s decor unless you live in a log cabin with dead animals adorning the walls, but to hell with all those fascist interior decorator rules. Who says you can’t serve whiskey in a set of antlers just because you live in a chic inner-city studio apartment? Nobody, thats who!

Each one of these badboys is handcrafted in Scotland from genuine stag horns, and comes complete with a set of four 6oz whiskey glasses. And don’t worry PETA, all the antlers are ethically sourced too, which means they don’t actively go out and murder deer just to make them.

You can pick one up from Sir Jack’s for around $575.