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Cocktail Hour: How to Make a Rum Old Fashioned

If you ever wondered why this delectable drink is called an Old Fashioned, it’s because it’s based on the ingredients for one of the very first cocktails of the early 1800s.

Cure Your Hangover with the Burger Built to Do Just That

The recipe, courtesy Denver’s Ignite restaurant. (We should have known the solution was meat, cheese, and bacon).)

Feast on Food Fit for Royalty at Castle Terrace

Helmed by Edinburgh born-and-bred Dominic Jack, Castle Terrace embraces the city’s ancient beauty while still infusing the menu and atmosphere with modernity.


Stella Artois Really Wants You To Buy A Lady A Drink

Water is essential to life, to beer brewing, and is definitely essential on a morning after too much life and beer. Sadly, 663 million people do not have access to clean water.

9°80° Sauce: Experience New Degrees of Flavor

All it took to get these gourmet sauces flowing was the recognition of a distinctly South Carolinian accent and a family sauce business.

Celebrate National Cocktail Day with these Spring Cocktails

Shake off the winter doldrums and stir up something good with these delicious spring cocktails. Celebrate National Cocktail Day right.

This $25,000 Taco is Peak Extravagance

For the price of a down payment on a taco factory, you can taste the most expensive taco in the world.


The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail Menu

Just because it is St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t mean you need to drink green beer. Instead, mix up a St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail and celebrate in style.