Feel Good Friday: 5 Brands That Are Doing Movember Right


Men don’t live as long as women. Sure, we’re more privileged in just about every other regard, but across the industrialized world, women live 5 to 10 years longer. Why is this? Well, there are plenty of potential explanations, but a big one is that many of us simply don’t take care of ourselves. Since 2003, Movember — a month-long men’s health crusade that involves growing facial hair during the month of November — has sought to remedy this.

As you might guess, the Movember Foundation is far from alone in this endeavor. They’ve partnered with many organizations to help raise awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, physical inactivity, poor mental health, and other health problems that affect men. If you’re looking to support men’s health this Movember while getting a head start on your holiday shopping, we advise you to check out these great brands:

1. Tommy John

Tommy John

Tommy John, a luxury undergarment company, has launched the Support Your Balls Campaign in an effort to increase awareness of testicular cancer and raise funds for research. This Movember, Tommy John is selling their uber-comfortable “No Adjustment Necessary” mustache and ball print underwear and socks, and donating 5% of all proceeds to the Testicular Cancer Foundation. They will also donate an additional $10 every time a customer refers a friend, plus an additional $20 credit to the referrer and referee.   

2. Neon Bandits

neon bandits

Neon Bandits is known for selling comfortable, sophisticated, and wacky socks. Their unique socks are carefully designed with the ideal elasticity, breathable arches, and reinforced heels. This Movember, Neon Bandits is bandying the motto “#GrabAPair to #SaveAPair.” That’s not all they’re doing, of course — they’re also donating an extraordinarily generous 50% of their online sales profits to prostate cancer research.

3. Lucky Day

lucky day

Lucky Day is a mobile gaming app through which folks can win real money while playing various scratchers, slots, and lotto games. You don’t need to pay anything to play and win — the app is not funded by users, but by generous partners. Lucky Day recently announced their partnership with the Movember Foundation; this month, Lucky Day winners will have the option to donate their winnings to cancer research and other men’s health initiatives.  



TOMS, one of our favorite brands, has made a name for itself through its “one for one” initiative. For every pair of shoes purchased, TOMS donates a pair to an individual in need. This month, TOMS is helping save yet another pair — a pair that isn’t usually appropriate to speak of in polite company. Of every product purchased from the TOMS for Movember collection, 5% of the suggested retail price will go toward testicular cancer research and other men’s health initiatives. The TOMS for Movember Collection includes several sharp sunglasses and shoes for men and women.

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5. Harry’s


Though you may be growing out your mustache for Movember, you’ll likely be shaving the rest of your face. When you do, you’d do well to have Harry’s high-quality aftershave balms, razors, and other grooming products. This is an especially great time to do so, as Harry’s is selling the Harry’s x Movember Set for $20 — $5 of which goes straight to the Movember Foundation. The set includes one limited edition Movember handle, one foaming shave gel (4.0oz), three German-engineered blade cartridges, and one travel blade cover.