Feel Good Friday

Stella Artois Really Wants You To Buy A Lady A Drink

Water is essential to life, to beer brewing, and is definitely essential on a morning after too much life and beer. Sadly, 663 million people do not have access to clean water.

Norton Point Sunglasses Are Cleaning Up Oceans and Saving the World

Norton Point has found a way to not only clean up ocean plastic, but also repurpose it into something useful: great sunglasses.

LOOK OPTIC: Cool Reading Glasses That Provide Clean Water

See well, look good, and give to charity with these stylish reading glasses.


Save Lives by Drinking People Water

Guilt free bottled water.

Wayne Pacelle on the Humane Economy

The dollars and sense of humane economies.

Feel Good Friday Gift Guide: Gifts that Keep On Giving

Gifts that give and give and give…

TS Designs Custom Tees for Good

Customized, feel-good shirts


Make America Skate Again with Side Project

Skate to end hate!