The Warmest Winter Coats


Tomorrow, temperatures are going to rich dangerously cold levels in New York, and that means it’s going to feel more like Antarctica rather than the Big Apple. An Arctic cold front is rolling in, and according to, “Temps will reach the low teens, and the wind chill will make it feel like -5 to -10 degrees.” New York’s Office of Emergency Management is saying the temps will be “life-threatening,” Ouch. So if you don’t have a warm coat, you’re basically screwed. Here our five of the warmest winter coats to make this cold blast a little more bearable.

The Moncler Labastide
The Lozenge quilting on this flannel coat adds a bit of style, the down filling makes it warm, and the water-repellent ensures that no snow or rainstorm will get the best of you.
$1,570 at

The American Arctic Parka
Woolrich, which is one of the top American heritage labels, is known for its ultra cozy parkas, and this snorkel coat, which is quality, American-made stuff, is water-repellent, insulated with duck down, and has fur around the hood to block out all that nasty wind.
$745 at

Spiewalk Quilted Tarmac Parka
Spiewalk has been around since 1904 and this coat will make sure you’re very warm.
$375 at

L.L. Bean Men’s Goose Down Parka
This goose down parka is just as warm as being in your bed, covered by a down comforter.
$149 at

Fjallraven Smock No. 1
This coat was made for the great outdoors, so whether you’re in the city or the country, is just as functional as it is ecologically friendly, with a number of pockets and a weatherproof exterior.
$745 at