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Trunk Club Delivers Handpicked Wardrobes To Your Door

Written by Noelia de la Cruz Posted on January 17, 2013

You’re in luck: with Trunk Club, you may never have to enter a department store again.

The high-end shopping service handpicks wardrobes for members and delivers the new clothes to men across the U.S. in a thick cardboard trunk.

“Everything I learned up to this point taught me that guys love to look good but don’t love the process of shopping or figuring out how to build a wardrobe,” says CEO Brian Spaly. “Trunk Club is a compelling solution to that challenge.”

The company makes the solution easy: men sign up free of charge and within two days are contacted by a stylist who interviews them to determine personal style, interests, and needs. Once the clothes arrive, members have 10 days to sample their options.

Everything is free until you decide to keep something — that is, no membership fees, minimums, shipping charges, or long-term commitments. You pay for what you keep and the remains are sent back at no cost. There is literally nothing to lose.

Trunks come with about six to 10 items and can include everything from tees and sweaters to button-ups, jackets, and jeans. Shoes and accessories (belts, ties, socks, and the like) are included too.

Trunk Club offers style solutions that range from everyday work wear, to casual weekend clothes and outerwear. With more than 50 brands to choose from, it’s likely you’ll find something; a few of the brands Trunk Club touts include Eton, J. Brand, Gant, D.S. Dundee, Oak Street Bootmakers, and Jack Spade.

On occasion, Trunk Club offers exclusive trunks as part of its ‘Designer Series.’ Most recently, the club partnered with Eton for limited special-edition trunks that included six shirts, two ties, and a pocket square designed by Eton’s Sebastian Dollinger.

And if you live near or plan to make your way to Chicago, stop by for an in-person style evaluation and walk out with new clothes in your hands. Trunk Club headquarters are open to all members.

  • Ian Bell

    I tried Trunk Club for a short time. I was a bit put off by the fact that my first Trunk rang in at over $2,000! I only wound up keeping a couple shirts out of the trunk, the rest of the items were either way too expensive or of a style I didn’t like.

    Has anyone else tried Trunk Club?

  • zonaroja

    Trunk Club is a total ripoff. They sent me 2400 dollars worth of Crap, even after I told them I didn’t want to “spend very much”. They do this because they know a lot of guys wont’ get the crap they send returned in the allotted time. And, when that happens, they get to keep all the money. I’m sure that happens a lot.