These Stylish Magnets Will Keep Your Tie in Place


The Tie: the element in menswear that can make a man go from dude to dapper in one stroke. But what happens when the damn thing won’t stay in place?

Enter Tie Mags.

“The idea [for the company] came up when one of my friends was complaining about how he always had to tuck his tie in his shirt when he eats because it kept dipping in his food,” says Paul Robert, founder of the tie magnet company that launched late last year.

Robert realized other problems, too: the tips of his tie often became dirty or the wind blew them away.

A solution to these problems has existed for years. Gaining prominence in the 1920s, tie clips became a way for men to address just those problems: wind, food, dirt, and the tie’s general inability to stay in place. (Dentists and doctors have famously reverted to bow ties altogether to remove the issue completely.) And it’s not that tie clips are obsolete now, but Robert notes regular tie clips puncture and leave dents, leaving the wearer to don that tie with a clip in the same spot every time.

Tie Mags offers the option of wearing a subtle, interchangeable “pin” that keeps your tie in place without leaving any damage. It’s a stylish magic-like solution.

Currently, the company offers three styles: The Covert (a magnet placed behind your tie so its invisible to the eye), The Conversation Starter, and On Target. These are industrial strength (NdFeB) magnets — the strongest out there — and they will not fall off, according to Tie Mags. Because of the magnets’ strength, Tie Mags also recommends people with pacemakers steer clear.

On deck for 2013 are two additional designs — The Checkmate and The Classic, the latter of which will look like a traditional clip.