Holiday Watch Gift Guide

watch gift guide

A proper timepiece has the uncanny ability to not only tie an entire outfit together but it exudes style, class, and elegance, all in one (sometimes) tiny package.

From options boasting Italian leather bands to more obscure alternatives touting wood or marble accents, the available varieties are nearly endless. Furthermore, with Christmas on the horizon, there are few gifts guaranteed to incite giddy excitement and joy on that morning of December 25. In other words, this isn’t like gifting a tie or a pack of socks — the person receiving a watch as a gift actually wants one.

But as we mentioned above, the diversity of choices is rather large meaning sifting through the sea of options can leave one’s head spinning. To help relieve a bit of the stress related to holiday-time shopping, we’ve gone ahead and hand-picked a few of our favorite watch brands which are sure to delight anyone’s wrist this Christmas.

Here are our picks for this year’s Holiday Watch Gift Guide:

Cabaro Watches


Though this brand recently took to Kickstarter to help launch its incredibly slick line of watches, Cabaro seems as if it’s been around for decades as its first foray into the watch space is none other than a timeless Swiss automatic timepiece. Minimalist in its design, Cabaro’s mechanical watch is an utter busybody behind its soft face. Touting a Swiss Automatic 31 jewel movement, 38 hours of power reserve, and the capability to beat roughly 28,800 times per hour, its smooth elegance is thanks to an incredible feat of engineering. Additionally, with an aesthetically simple genuine leather strap which helps highlight its rose gold accents, the Cabaro watch is a versatile addition to anyone’s accessory box — dress it up or go casual, the fun is in the flexibility.



Featuring an extensive collection of chronograph and Swiss-style watches, among a few others, this California-based brand is pure class in timepiece form. Intent on creating a watch which makes a “lasting impression,” the folks over at Tsovet have clearly achieved this — and so much more. Its cream-of-the-crop group of watches first concern the Japanese chronograph-style watch, the JPT-CC38, which leans on a brushed stainless steel casing, Italian leather band, and a domed mineral crystal to accomplish a unique form of simplicity. Additionally, Tsovet’s SVT-RM40, a Swiss three-hand and date timepiece turns to fit and function to stand apart from the pack. Featuring the ability to be submerged up to 328 feet, the SVT-RM40 goes with adventuring like a Jeep goes with offroading.

Analog Watch Company


Created under the desire to “infuse the everyday with a little bit of nature,” Philadelphia’s Analog Watch Company eschews traditional watch style for something a little more creative: marble and wood. Though the brand does offer a line of classic watches — still featuring wood and marble watch faces, however — Analog’s main claim to fame is how it’s utilized these distinct materials to create a style of watch not previously seen. For its wood-centric wrist watches, Analog took the theme to an extreme by not just decking the face out in bamboo, maple, and blackwood but also featuring a bendable wooden strap — the first of its kind for anyone wondering. Additionally, its marble watches (of which are utterly gorgeous) boast white and black marble faces that give them an unprecedented sense of style.



Born in Sweden, watch brand Tuseno points to its home country’s western coasts as the source of inspiration for its timepieces. With an incredible attention to detail, the designs of Tuseno’s First 42 Collection are beautifully timeless, featuring chronograph-style watch faces with rose gold and silver accents. What’s perhaps the line’s best feature is the fact the company includes two watch straps with each model, one a brown crocodile embossed leather strap and the other made of suede. A Christmas morning gift of a Tuseno watch is as good as it gets.

Original Grain


Touting a particularly unique approach to utilizing wood in its watches, Original Grain strays from the 100 percent wood style in favor of accents. Be it a lining of Rosewood around the watch bezel or an entire face made of the wood from a defunct whiskey barrel, the distinctness of wood remains front and center but refrains from detracting from a piece’s overall style. In addition to its standard lineup of wood-accented watches, Original Grain added an uber-stylish chronograph-style watch to its collection this year, expanding an already impressive lineup. The company also pledges to plant 10 trees for every one watch sold — what’s not to like?

Weiss Watch Company


For watchmakers, few aspects of the business fill them with as much pride as having the ability to design and build a watch by hand. This is exactly what the Los Angeles, California-based Weiss Watch Company does in an effort to “restore prestige to American watchmaking.” Assembling each watch individually, Weiss leans on American and Swiss components in crafting an extremely luxurious line of timepieces. Furthermore, the brand puts in the extra effort of employing Swiss-trained and certified American watchmakers to produce its exquisite collection. The cream of the Weiss crop this Christmas is its Automatic Issue Field Watch which, when ordered, nets owners a one-of-a-kind sketch of the finished product from the company’s founder, Cameron Weiss.