Birddogs – The Best Damn Gym Shorts

birddogs gym shorts

We have spent years looking for the best gym short. We have tested out countless shorts and some are too bulky at the top, most are too baggy and others don’t have the pockets we need for headphones, wallet or a key. When our birddogs arrived in the mail we were apprehensive, but upon pulling these puppies up, we were sent into cosmic bliss.


Not only are birddogs the most comfortable gym short we have ever worn, but (drum roll…) they free us from the binds of underwear. That’s right, they have a built in silky-soft liner providing support and unparalleled comfort. It only makes sense that these were designed by Jeff Thrasher, the former head of Men’s Design at Lululemon.


We have been running, swimming, partying, lounging and yogaing (yeah we made that up) in birddogs and we can’t sing their praises enough.

Added bonuses include:

  • birddog’s are quick drying
  • They are anti-bacterial
  • They have an 8 inch inseam for a trimmer fit
  • There is a custom pouch in the silky liner to ‘contour instead of mash’ if you get our drift.
  • birddog’s have an iPhone pocket that zips in the back to prevent it from falling out during a run or doing cartwheels
  • There is also a hidden wallet pocket on the hip
  • There are two deep front pockets for when you run with your hands in your pockets

Started by Harvard graduate, Peter Baldwin after sitting in a flight from New York to London with a serious wedgie and swamp butt, he decided his calling was less corporate and more comfort. Baldwin coerced Thrasher to work with him and birddogs launched last January.

Best of all, these handsome shorts start at $54.95 and come in multiple colors and patterns. So go forth and order to free yourself from underwear.