TGIF Shopping: 10 Socks For Any Occasion


Socks are weird. Unlike undies, they are exposed, yet with varying cuff lengths are often more an accent to the overall look rather than a focal point. That doesn’t have to be the case. With bright colors or the correct pattern, they can draw focus entirely. Or not at all. That’s the thing about sucks, once seen as a utilitarian part of an ensemble, they’ve grown into a statement piece.

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Take for instance this buttoned up Wall Street dude sporting a precision tailored suit. He takes a seat on the subway, his pants creep up past his ankles to reveal bright pink socks with black accented polka dots. It’s as though you had this guy figured out in your head and then the socks throw everything you imagined him to be off. But they’re just socks! That’s the dichotomy of these bad boys, they’re often the most simple, unremarkable decision in the daily “what should I wear” grind and yet they possess the ability to recalibrate an entire look.

Below, 10 of our favorite socks to help accent or elevate your look.

Starter ­–Brown & Orange Socks, Richer Poorer, $12

Matias, Aldo, $15

Argyle Sock, Original Penguin, $15

Elkhorn Socks in Hunter Green, The Tie Bar, $8

Pollock, Ace & Everett, $22

​Cotton Socks Navy Circle​, Sunspel, $18.95

Lightweight Merino Crew Socks, Patagonia, $22

Gilbert Socks, Carhartt, $18

​N/A Sock 2, Necessary Anywhere, $18

Campfire, Altru, $14