New York based, SUIGENERIC, are certainly beginning to turn heads aplenty with their visually impressive and immensely eye-catching series of watch straps that boasts a look that, truth be told, is far removed from the ordinary and mundane and will make your wrist the stand out one on the block.

SUIGENERIC bill themselves as an exploration of an innocuous skepticism which, in simpler terms, basically means that, through their exceptional watch straps and timepieces, they are endeavouring to provide their own unique interpretation of the thousands of generic objects that surround us on a daily basis.

Crafting to the highest quality and subjected to a rigorous design process, all SUIGENERIC watch straps are based upon providing a genuinely uncompromising commitment to creating the best straps that they can possibly make and, as you can see from the images below, they definitely have delivered on this promise:

watch 2

watch 3

Every strap that emerges from the SUIGENERIC workshop is carefully hand sewn and hand waxed – a fact that makes each and every one of their straps completely unique because they will boast subtle differences due to how they’ve been crafted. They are the perfect choice of timepiece for those who like to stand out from the crowd with bold, vibrant fashion choices and they are extremely well-priced, with the majority of their offerings retailing for $45.