Mind Your Money: 20 Wallets Under $200

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Wallets are more than just cash carriers, they’re a symbol of your own personal style. When you whip your wallet out to pay at a classy restaurant or a sleek retailer, do you really want the sense of shame that accompanies (and should accompany) an overstuffed, raggedy cash stash? No, instead, ditch your old spine-misaligning wallet for something sleeker, slimmer, and far more stylish.

Before you buy, however, you’ve got to go minimalist. Start by thinning your wallet’s contents, paring down your baker’s dozen of credit, debit, and membership cards to the two or three you use most often, including your ID. Once satisfied with your pruning, it’s time to direct your attention to the wallet itself. But, don’t feel limited to the classic bi-fold wallet model–branch out! It’s 2016; you can get away with a simple money clip, card wallet, bi-fold wallet, wallet-phone-case-combo, or anything in between.

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We separated our wallets into the above-mentioned categories: card wallets; bi-fold wallets, and phone-case wallets. Slim wallets and card case wallets are growing in popularity (which probably has more to do with slim cut pants than with anything else) and they make up the bulk of our selection. But for all you traditionalists out there, we’ve curated a handful of old-school bi-fold wallets that are thinner and smaller compared to older designs.

Here are our picks for the top 20 best wallets for men under $200–because you shouldn’t have to fork over a stack of cash just to carry it.

Card Wallets

Grayscale Clip Wallet, Capsule $85

Grayscale wallet by Capsule, best wallets for men, men's walletsgrayscale wallet, capsule, best wallets for menBrass Money Clip, Owen & Fred $15

brass money clip, owen & fred, best wallets for men

Leather Card Holder, Hook & Albert $55

hook & albert wallet, hook & albert, leather card wallet, men's wallets

Randall Card Wallet, Starkmade $70

Starkmade, Randall Card Wallet, best men's wallets, best wallets for menStarkmade, Randall Card Wallet, best men's wallets, best wallets for men, wallets

Front Pocket Cash & Card Case, Filson $60

filson, filson front pocket cash and card case, card case, wallets, best men's wallets5-Card Wallet, Shinola $125

best wallets for men, shinola, five pocket card case

Cordovan Journeyman, Tanner Goods $130

cordovan journeyman, wallet, men's wallet, tanner goodsTanner goods, cordovan, journeyman, wallet, men's wallets, best wallets for menWood Card Wallet, Slim Timber $35

slimtimber wood wallet, rosewood, best walletsslim timber, wood card wallet

Silver Edition, Tribe Wallets $65

tribe wallet, silver, best wallets, best wallets for men

Poquito Wallet in Walnut, Madera $55

poquito walnut walletpoquito walnut wallet, men's wallets, best men's wallets

Bi-Fold Wallets

Modern Billfold Wallet, Miansai $135

best wallets for men, miansai modern billfold walletmiansai, best wallets for men, modern billfold walletRFID Leather Brush Wallet, WurkinStiffs $95

wallets, best wallets for men, men's wallets, wurkinstiffs

Bifold Wallet, Maximum Henry $90

Bifold wallet, maximum henry, walletsbifold wallet, best mens' wallets, best wallets for men,

No. 398 Bifold Wallet, Billykirk $115

No 398, billykirk, billykirk wallets, best men's wallets, men's walletsbillykirk, bifold wallet, billykirk no 398 bifold wallet

Low Down, Bellroy $80

bellroy low down, wallet, best wallets for menbellroy low down wallet interior

Mason Billfold Fukuro Print, Tumi $195
tumi double billfold, fukuro print, wallet, men's wallets, best wallets for menbest wallets for men, tumi billfold, tumi mason double billfold, fukuro print

Phone-Case Wallets

Overture Wallet, Moshi $44

overture wallet, moshi, best wallets, best wallest for meniphone wallet, best wallets, best wallets for men, overture wallet display

eyn for iPhone, eyn $30

eyn case for iphone, best wallets

Three-Card Phone Case, Bellroy $65

3 card case by bellroy, best wallets for menLibby Navy Wallet, Edward Field $115

libby wallet, black libby wallet, edward-field,