The Manual’s Guide to Summer Sandals


Sandals, mandals, flip-flops…whatever you wanna call ‘em the raging summer heat requires a change in footwear to something a little more breathable. We’ve searched high and low for our favorite stylish summer footwear options and we promise there’s not a Croc in sight. High-five for chilled, happy soles…

Classic Birkenstocks

Though the brand is enjoying a huge resurgence right now, these babies will retain their appeal way beyond this season. We love the classic two-strap design. Wear them with shorts for weekend hangs or work them into your work wardrobe and pair with chinos and a crisp shirt.

Classic Barbados rope sandals by Gurkees

If you’re puritan when it comes to sandals then Gurkees is the brand for you. Each of their rope designs is handmade and crazy comfortable, thanks to the contoured design. The Barbados style is our fave – we can’t get enough of that adjustable ankle strap. Yes, we did just say that.

Solarsoft II Flip Flop by Nike

Truthfully, when we slipped these on we didn’t want to take them off ever again. Stupidly comfortable, beautifully designed and just the tiniest hint of sporty dressing. What’s not to love? We opted for gray-blue but ya’ll can knock yourself out with the luminous green or pink.

Oruga Sandal by Camper

Are you the active sandal guy? Step into the light with these lightweight, totally hip sandals by Camper – just pair them with your favorite shorts or jeans and you’re good to go. The artsy statement sole is unlike anything else we’ve seen and you won’t believe how flexile they are until you try them on…

Leather and Suede Sandal by Lanvin

We know they cost a pretty penny but if you’re in this sandal thing for the long haul then why not splurge? Undoubtedly, Lanvin have produced the sartorial king of sandals, with the minimal leather straps and padded suede footbeds. Wear them to work, wear them down the aisle (beach wedding!), it’s all good.