Huckberry’s Labor Day Essentials Are Here

Labor Day essentials

It might be tough to believe, but Labor Day is here. How to pack? Get a load of Huckberry’s Labor Day essentials and sort out your everyday carry in style. The holiday is often about moving from one locale to the next, spending some time in the sun — and hopefully near the water — and soaking up good times with family and friends before summer draws to a close. It can also take you just about anywhere around the country, whether that means hitting the road to Chicago with a trusty Huckberry Field Guide on-screen, or boarding a plane bound for a waterfront locale. With that aim in mind, we’ve rounded up the below Labor Day essentials to give you a heads-up on packing for the weekend.

Taylor Stitch Beach Jacket [$139.98]

Taylor Stitch Beach Jacket

For travel scenarios that can lead you through periods of rain and sunshine, you need outerwear that’s up to snuff. And for activities that could run the gamut from a beachside stroll to a wooded hike to an evening spent around a bonfire, you need a durable jacket. Taylor Stitch — maker of extraordinary chinos — has you covered with a durable jacket that’s built for work or play.

Joshu + Vela Waxed Canvas Duffle [$198.98]

Best weekender bags

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here, let’s consider the fact that you’ll  need something rugged, handsome and stylish to haul around all your Labor Day weekend essentials. That’s where Joshu+ Vela come in. The brand’s Waxed Canvas Duffle is the answer to your packing woes, with leather straps and copper & brass hardware to complement a sturdy body. Pack it just as full as you can, and meet your new favorite weekender bag.

Leather Head Sports Handsome Dan Football [$129.98]

Labor Day style essentials

When does a sporting activity — like a game of backyard catch — require more than just a plain ol’ store-bought football? When you’ve got the option to purchase a football like this one, that’s when. It might not make sense to drop so much cash on sporting goods, but after you get lots of use out of it this weekend, the Handsome Dan Football will look right at home propped up in your den. It’s the kind of lifestyle accessory you didn’t know you needed — until you saw it.

United by Blue Clark Dot Shirt [$44.98]

Chambray shirt

If one thing seems to be missing from your bag, fear not. The United By Blue Clark Dot Shirt is your answer to nearly any Labor Day style conundrum — there aren’t that many casual scenarios where a well-crafted organic cotton shirt won’t work. That goes for afternoons spent on the beach and nights out on the town. The dot print is unconventional, the blue color is versatile and the fit is slim. What’s not to love?

SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Standard [$78]

Classic men's sneakers

So you’ve got a durable weekender bag and a stylish chambray shirt — now, how to finish off your packing for the weekend? It’s tough to beat classic SeaVees sneakers no matter where you go, and the Hermosa Plimsoll Standard is just about top-notch. They feature a vintage washed linen upper, waxed cotton laces and a herringbone outsole for slip resistance. You get all that for a very affordable price, too.

United by Blue Selby Shorts [$54.98]

Chambray shorts

If it’s going to be hot where you are — which it very likely will be — keeping yourself cool using something else besides endless rounds of beer is of the utmost importance. With the Selby Short in a cool shade of Tan, you’re set to kick back and relax while fighting the heat. The organic cotton chambray and tailored fit are but two of the many positives of a stylish pair of summer shorts, so snap these up before Labor Day weekend and travel in style.