How Dry I Am: 20 of The Best Raincoats Right Now


T.S. Eliot may have been onto something when he penned the phrase “April is the cruellest month.” As if celebrating fools on its first day and serving many of us with the realization that we owe far too many back taxes wasn’t enough, it is also a time that’s traditionally known for its showers – irksome spring rains that may later bring flowers but in the meantime are a really nasty reminder that the recently awakened season still has some growing up to do.

And while we can’t avoid taxes (not to mention death, but that’s another story…) and may have to suffer fools gladly for the next 30 days starting tomorrow, there is at least a way to battle those blasted Fourth Month showers – and to do so in style.

Aside from an umbrella (or just staying inside), rain-resistant outerwear is your best buddy to protect against seasonal soakage. Lucky for us all, designers and brands are currently offering a spectacular assortment of handsome, flattering rainwear in modern, high-tech fabrics that truly repel water. Options range from the always-cool Mac (the pre-computer one!) to packable ponchos.

Here are 20 of my favorites – spanning a wide range of looks and prices – that will have you covered for at least 40 days and 40 nights of rain – and a whole lot more than that.

Cascade Rain Jacket by AETHER, $485

Balmac Overcoat by ADSUM, $369

Jefferson Single Breasted Jacket by AQUASCUTUM, $670

Voyager Pack Away Mac by AQUASCUTUM, $425

Wind Trench Coat by CARHARTT WORK IN PROGRESS, $288

Grand Central Topper by COLE HAAN, $400

Pinch Rain Jacket by COLE HAAN, $200

Balestra Waterproof Translucent Jacket by EFM, $948

Blade Waterproof Hooded Jacket by EFM, $658

Angler’s Rain Shell by FILSON, $195

Nylon Long Hooded Jacket by LACOSTE, $225

Langley Ink Raincoat with Hood by MACKAGE, $270

Yigal Black Fishtail Parka with Hood by MACKAGE, $440

Lavrania Parka by PEUTEREY, $540

Stockholm Color Block Raincoat by STUTTERHEIM, $345

Ture Sand Trenchcoat by STUTTERHEIM, $525

Vasastan Charcoal Carcoat by STUTTERHEIM, $365

Ultra Light Cotton Mac by THEORY, $595

Flordon Mac by TURNBULL & ASSER, $1,295

Light Pocketable Hooded Jacket (with included pouch) by UNIQLO, $39.90