Cool Bean(ie)s: A Guide to Winter Hats


Although the old wives’ tale that one can lose 70 percent of one’s body heat by not covering one’s head in winter has long been debunked by scientists, there is still good reason to don a hat when the temperatures plummet. Covering your head, forehead and ears will keep you warmer and can prevent frostbite or dry, chapped skin–as well as the shame you face until that bad new haircut grows out again.

Hats also look good and the tried-and-true beanie is a cold weather classic that complements virtually any shaped face. Available in from everything from inexpensive acrylic to high-end cashmere, these knitted numbers are the no-brainers of men’s accessories category since they keep you warm and can add some effortless style to your outfit. And best of all, most are generally affordable.

Here’s a look at some of my favorites this season….

Super Bowl Gray Kiowa Knit Hat by ‘47 $22

Cashmere Cable Beanie by ALEX MILL $63

Cotton Knit Cap by A.P.C. $45


Gray Pique Morton Knitted Hat by BESPOKEN $95

Gray Ribbed Morton Knitted Hat by BESPOKEN $95

Chunky Knit Beanie by BILLY REID $79.50

Twisted Yarn Beanie by BILLY REID $49.50

Cashmere Blend Beanie by COLE HAAN $49.95

Cannon Hat in Cashwool by THEORY $95

Cannon Hat in Gravels by THEORY $95

Charcoal Neppy Super Mini Roll Beanie by TOPMAN $20

Multicolored Bobble Beanie by TOPMAN $20

Ragg Wool Cuff Microfleece Lined Watch Cap by WOOLRICH $19