5 Tips to Nail Black Tie

Ah wedding season! Whether you are getting hitched or just attending (free booze!), it may be time to get that tux looking just right. Thanks to The Black Tux, we no longer have to rent boxy, shiny tux’s at the mall. Instead (and for just $95) we can order a slim fit option from these guys. Get the full report from this article we posted a while back when we first learned of this brilliant idea. Besides just renting tuxedos, you can now rent suits so you can stand out without blowing your paycheck.

With the success of the brand, collaborations have followed. The most recent one is with the menswear gents of the moment, Ovadia & Sons. Combining The Black Tux’s Southern California vibes and the New York aesthetic Ovadia & Sons is known for, the collection features two new suit and tux styles, along with shirting and accessories ($10 to $215 to rent).  Consisting of two complete looks, the entire collection can also be ordered separately, so it’s easy to mix and match to suit your personal style.


Now for the goods. Tips always help a tux look tight so see below for a list of black tie tips from Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, co-founders of The Black Tux.

  • “Black tie” doesn’t have to mean “black tuxedo.” Our midnight blue tuxedo is appropriate for black tie and works well as an unexpected alternative.
  • Fit is paramount. Make sure everything fits precisely for the greatest impact.
  • If you can tie your own bow tie (that is, if you can access YouTube or The Manual!), a self-tied bow tie will always look more natural, and generally better.

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  • Consider a double-breasted tuxedo—like the one we designed in collaboration with Ovadia & Sons—as another way to separate yourself from the crowd.
  • Stick to black accessories—shoes, socks, and bow tie.

Keep these tips in mind and you are sure to shine. Now don’t forget stylish suits must have equally stylish manners. No bonking the bridesmaids in the bathroom!