5 Best Commuter Mugs


You can get away with your carboard cup from Starbucks most of the year, but when the mercury starts dropping, that flimsy mug and extra insulating sleeve aren’t going to keep your coffee warm past the first subway stop. If you want that Americano or Latte to last long enough to enjoy it during your morning conference call, it’s time to step up your coffee game. We’ve searched out the best insulated commuter mugs for you so you can not only savor your favorite brew, but do it in style. Just promise that nothing with the words “pumpkin spice” in it will ever cross paths with your new favorite mug.

For The Outdoorsman: Your commute probably involves a little more flannel than most, and instead of hailing a cab or hopping on the subway, you pull on your work boots and climb into a four wheel drive truck. If you spend more time outside than in the office, you need a mug that can handle more than a little abuse. Our favorite for adventuring? The Hydroflask 18 ounce Coffee Bottle. Hydroflask’s vacuum insulation is second to none, and boasts some serious durability. Ours has been run over by skis, dropped off a few boulders, and sat in the snow for hours (and that was just last weekend) with no problems. The flip top lid makes accessing your precious java easy too.

The Classic: Stanley has been an American staple since 1913. Their line up of One Hand Mugs has been in use for decades with little change beyond upgrading performance. We love the push button, spill proof access, and the throwback styling is the perfect balance for a man who’s work heritage is as important as how he takes his coffee: black.

The Design Enthusiast: Everything Japanese brand Snowpeak builds is a functional work of art, and the Kanpai 350 insulated bottle is no exception. Smooth, minimalist, and comfortable were words our testers used when hauling the Kanpai around. weighing in at only 10 ounces, it will keep coffee or tea hot for over six hours, and features two different styles of spill proof lid. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can upgrade to the Titanium version.

The Everyman’s Mug: We spotted the Zojirushi SM SA-48 (yeah, the name needs a little work) on the train earlier this year, and were taken in by it’s simplicity. The flip top, sealable lid is the perfect accessory for busy travelers who need peace of mind when tossing it a briefcase or messenger case. The fact that it can be had for nearly half price as the other mugs on this list makes it just that much more appealing.

For the Gear Destroyer: You know who you are. There isn’t a pair of sunglasses or running shoes that has survived a year of heavy use with your schedule. You pride yourself in not only being hard on your favorite accessories and gear, but taking care of them as well (at least as long as they survive). With the all new Camelbak Forge you’ve finally got a travel mug that will stand up to your abuse. Using a proprietary, self-sealing lid, Camelbak’s mug was the burliest in our testing. It will stand up to repeated abuse thanks to seriously strong stainless steel walls and impact proof end caps. Go ahead and do your worst.