From the Heart: 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day gifts for guys

Buying gifts for men for Valentine’s Day is a little more difficult than buying for women. Wait, before you cry sexism, hear us out!

With women, tradition dictates that flowers, chocolates, and jewelry be given as a symbol of love on this most heartfelt of holidays. For men who could care less about a bouquet of roses, a ring, or some bad chocolates, you could find yourself in a gift-giving conundrum. Rather than scramble for a mediocre gift that he’ll only half-like, we put together this list of ten Valentine’s Day gifts for guys that should make any dude very happy. Feel free to forward this to your lady love.

Waterbury Timex Watch $85

Waterbury Timex Watch

Water-resistant, glow-in-the-dark, with a genuine leather strap and a large, clear dial with crisp arabic numerals and a minimalist font, the Waterbury by Timex and Mr. Porter is pretty much what you picture when you think of a watch. And retailing for under $100, your guy will not only love the gift itself, but also the fact that you didn’t spend a fortune on him. For a full write-up of the Waterbury, click here.

Autodromo Stringback Gloves $125

Autodromo Stringback Gloves

If you’ve got a man who loves to drive while also looking like James Bond (or his choice of Bond villain), then these stringback black gloves by Autodromo are the the perfect answer to your Valentine’s gift-giving prayers. Hearkening back to the racing days of the 50s and 60s, these gloves are designed with leather palms to protect your hands from your steering wheel, and a string back to allow your hands to breathe. No sweaty palms here when trying to take a hairpin curve at twice over the speed limit! These gloves will also pair perfectly with his Autodromo watch.

The Lost Explorer Muscle Balm $38

The Lost Explorer Muscle Balm

When you can’t be there to give your man the shoulder rub he desperately needs after a long day of work or a hard workout, then offer him the next best thing: a muscle balm that works like a massage only without the hands. The Lost Explorer’s muscle balm contains pure essential oils and extracts from arnica, tansy, ho leaf (aka camphor oil), and wintergreen. This combination of soothing botanicals contributes to the balm’s amazing anti-inflammatory and  muscle-soothing qualities that any man can appreciate.

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Stanley Flask $22

Stanley Flask

If he doesn’t already have a flask, then the choice is simple. Get him a Stanley. Known for durability and simplistic, yet functional design, Stanley makes some of the best drinking accessories out there and this might be the best example. Fill it with good whiskey for some V-day bonus-points!

Pacific & West Refillable Wooden Notebook $33

Pacific & West Refillable Wooden Notebook

If your guy is like me, I can never find a notebook when I really need one. But, having such a well-designed, real-wood covered notebook would make me far more inclined to keep this in a conspicuous and easily accessible place. Because, why not? The notebook is downright sexy with flexible walnut front and back covers, brass disc binder rings, and the ability to refill or rearrange the pages once he’s written that great American novel. Thanks to Pacific & West you might just get that love letter you’ve always wanted.

Oil Can Candle (Saddle Leather + Pine + Citrus) $25

Oil Can Candle

This oil can candle by Fury Bros should fit in nicely with the man in your life’s ‘bachelor’ pad. It will also freshen up that place like nobody’s business. The design is inspired by vintage oil cans and the candle itself is made from soy wax blended with natural oils such as citrus and pine. Altogether, the combination provides a pleasant scent–light, but manly–an excellent compliment to a date night at home.

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Amazon Echo Dot $50

Amazon Echo Dot

“Hey Alexa, play me a love song,” could be your man’s first sentence after setting up this little guy on Valentine’s Day. This miniature version of the full-sized Echo can recognize your voice commands in order to do you or your guy’s bidding. Play a song from Spotify or Pandora, get the current weather, or adjust your thermostat all with just a few words. It’s like having a miniature servant without the hassle of dealing with an actual human being. Plus, for only $50, how could you not give the Echo Dot a try? Check out our ‘Brother Site’ Digital Trends‘ full review on the Echo Dot here if you need some additional convincing.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Shaver $35

Philips Norelco OneBlade Shaver

The OneBlade shaver and beard trimmer from Philips Norelco truly does only have one blade and that single blade is meant to last for four months. No more disposable razors! No more shave clubs! No more knicks and cuts! Use the blade on its own for a close shave (not as close as a wet shave with a safety razor), but close enough to be perfectly presentable in a business meeting. The shaver also comes with three attachable length-guards, so you can even up your beard to the same length all around. To top it all off, it’s waterproof, and can be used with or without shaving cream. As actual users of this product, we can state unequivocally that this is one of the best electric razor and trimmers we have ever owned. And we think your husband or boyfriend will agree.

NES Classic Edition $60

NES Classic Edition

If your guy is a gamer then this is the gift for him. A modernized, miniature throwback version of the original NES console that comes pre-packed with all the old 8-bit NES favorites, including Final Fantasy, Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. The console itself is also fairly small, so you can hide it away, unlike many of today’s regular gaming systems. Grab an extra controller and you and your husband or boyfriend can duke it out in Double Dragon–wouldn’t that be a sweet Valentine’s Day date?

Scratch-Off World Map by Robird $22

Scratch-Off World Map by Robird

If you’ve got a world traveler in your life, then this might just be the map he’s been looking for. Like a giant lottery ticket, this large format black and gold World Map provides anyone with the ability to record their travels in visual, scratch-off form. The poster even comes with a pen specifically designed to carefully scratch away the top layers of all the lands he’s visited, revealing a burst of primary colors from below. Travel the whole world and your guy will end up with a colorful cartographic home accent that’s a reminder of all the places he’s been, and all the places he’s still going.